A description of Clinical Research Coordinator jobs and what they entail

Clinical research coordinators are usually supervised by clinical research managers. Their main task is to

administer the clinical trials. Primary responsibilities normally include administering questionnaires,

informing the participants about the objectives of the study, collecting data, and managing all the trials.

They also have to adhere to all trail standards that have been set and also participate in recruitment of

the subjects. Clinical research coordinators also have to engage with the subjects so that they can

explain the things that are expected during the trial and also find out if they have any concerns. This

means that a clinical research coordinator needs communicative and interpersonal skills.

The responsibilities

Clinical research coordinators have many responsibilities that need to be carried out to the best of their


1. Maintaining records of all studies as per the guidelines

2. Sticking to all ethical standards

3. Sticking to all the regulatory standards set

4. Administering questionnaires

5. Managing the budget dedicated to the research

6. Overseeing the running of the trials as smoothly as possible

7. Understanding and engaging with the subjects so as to know all issues

8. Making sure that all equipment and supplies that are necessary for the success of the study are

working and in stock

9. Participating in the recruitment efforts of the participants

10. Working with the laboratories so as to share findings


The qualifications of a clinical research coordinator usually depend on your locations or employer. In

most cases, for you to access clinical research coordinator jobs you should:

 Have an associate nursing degree or any related field

 Experience of two years within the healthcare industry

 Analytical mindset

 Be attentive to detail

 Have interpersonal skills which are exceptional

 Be ready to continue learning even without being prompted to do so

 Great skills in organizing

 Have great verbal and written communication skills