Association of clinical research professionals promoting excellence

Association of Clinical Research Professionals aims at promoting excellence within clinical research. It

also aims at making sure that all clinical research is done in an ethical, responsible, and professional

manner all around the world. The association also aims at supporting all professionals within clinical

research by way of development, training, membership, and ultimately certification.

ACRP (association of clinical research professionals) also aims at championing the perspectives and

interests of professionals within clinical research. It has a role in the clinical research discourse and it

works on raising awareness on different issues that affect this community. It also aims at bringing

professionals together internationally by the exchange of different ideas and creating great avenues for

local and global networking.

The association also supports professional development and growth continuously, especially for those in

clinical research. This means that membership can be great for you if you are within this bracket.

Who can benefit?

Anyone in research studies, especially the ones that involve humans or involves materials like blood and

tissue acquired from humans can benefit. Members are located in different countries all over the world

and they practice in different settings including:

 CROs

 Governments

 Biotechnology, device, and pharmaceutical companies

 Private institutions

 Academic institutions

 Physician practices

 Independent research sites

 Clinical pharmacology

 Organizations dealing with site management

 All other practice areas where it is necessary to conduct clinical research

The Benefits

Members of ACRP have a lot to achieve in their pursuit of clinical research excellence. The main benefits


 Cost-effective, relevant, and convenient training programs

 Local and global networking chances through different interest groups

 Costs savings on various training resources

It is easy to join ACRP and there are many benefits that are associated with memberships. Usually, a fee

is required for one to join the association. The membership rate is determined by where you are