Clinical Research Assistant Jobs

The purpose of clinical research is to test new medications, therapies and types of treatment and new medical devices to be sure of the safety of their use and the efficacy or efficiency of their work. These clinical trials are very much regulated and seriously monitored to ensure that they comply with the laid down regulations. The need to keep various records, in order to meet up with compliance requirements can be a burden. That is where clinical research assistants come in.

The job of a clinical research assistant is to help in finding subjects that can be used for clinical trials, they are responsible for collecting and analyzing the data gotten from clinical tests and trials and they also evaluate the result. They are the ones that keep all the record of activities in the clinical research institute for the purpose of references. They practically ensure that the clinical trial activities are in line with laid down regulations. The amount of data to be collected, evaluated and stored form the trials make this job an important one. That means it is a job in high demand.

Their importance means that there are a variety of places where they can work. Clinical research assistants can work at clinical research institutes, medical centers, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and a whole host of other medically and clinically inclined organizations.

The educational requirements required to work as a clinical research assistant includes a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or a doctorate degree in life sciences or other medical related sciences.

These are just basic educational requirements, if you are interested in getting into clinical research, you need more than just degrees in life science. Not because they are not important but because they do not offer you the core knowledge and experience needed to be successful in this career.

Well, to be fair, you cannot get those in the sciences classes you took. You can only get them at Based on your chosen discipline in clinical research, you can choose to offer courses related to your discipline and you will be taught by seasoned and experience lecturers in the industry keen to pass on their knowledge and experience. You can also register to be a member of clinical research based associations at All you need to have a rapid career is right here.