Clinical Research Associate

The branch of health science that is involved in investigating and determining the effectiveness of treatments, medications and diagnostic products that are taken into the human body to cure a sickness or prevent a disease is known as clinical research.

This branch of healthcare science is involved directly in undergoing different researches with the purpose of determining new and better cures to different diseases.

A clinical research associate is a health care professional that performs various tasks that are directly related to medical research. They are also called trial monitor or clinical monitor. This is because of their roles in research studies that involves the participation of humans as case study.

The clinical research associate or clinical monitor can work in varying institutions ranging from medical research institutes, pharmaceutical companies or government agencies. For the result of any clinical research to be accurate, there must be a trial monitor. They are the ones who monitor the case study and observe their behaviors and reactions to the different medications at different times. For instance, a clinical researcher was interested in determining the reactions of 4 different case studies given different dose of a particular medications at different times. A research work like this would likely fail in the absence of a trial monitor. In a research like this, the one who observes the different reactions in the different humans and looks to explain why they react differently is the one who does the main job. If the reason for the different reactions can be explained, that could lead to a medical breakthrough and the success of the research. This just shows to underline the importance of the clinical research associate.

It is obvious how important the trial monitor is to medical research. Just like every other medical science, the clinical research associate training is a strict one. Every Rob and Jane cant be a clinical research associate, not without the required training and the necessary certification. In different pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutes, there is a standard level of medical education and certification needed before anyone is employed or allowed to practice as a clinical monitor.

A major part of any job or job description is how much it pays. Currently, clinical research associate salary vary across different regions. In some locations, clinical research associates gets as low as $40,000 per year. While in other places, they get as much as $90,000 per year. However, on the average, clinical monitors up between $60,000 to $70,000 per year. This leaves it at an average of between $20 to $30 per hour.