Clinical Research Associate Entry Level

Clinical research associates have a responsibility to ensure that the rights, safety and well-being of the trial subjects are protected. They play an important role within the clinical research set up.

Some of the roles and responsibility of the CRA includes the following:

  • They provide the clinical research manager with a report on the progress of the study.

  • They prepare the applicable site visit reports and the follow up letter as well.

  • Must have an understanding of and must be able to maintain the standard operating procedures of the organization.

  • They keep track of the process of recruitment of the trial subjects by contacting the clinical site and verifying the subject’s screening and development of enrolment.

To have a successful career as a CRA, there are basic skills that one must possess;

  • Understanding clinical research, healthcare system and regulations is very important.

  • Should be able to prepare a clinical development plan.

  • Must understand the responsibilities involved in carrying out a study with human subjects.

  • Must be able to ensure that all data gotten from the study are reliable and accurate.

  • Must be able to protect the right and privacy of the subjects.

The minimum requirement to get clinical research associate jobs with a clinical research associate entry level is an undergraduate degree in nursing, life sciences, biotech or medical science. This allows you to be eligible for more senior level positions, a higher pay etc. however an otherwise requirement would be to get a diploma from a reputable clinical research institute. This means you would have taken clinical research training courses from the said institute.

Like every other clinical research profession, certificates are required to function in whatever clinical research capacity. You can get a certificate from the association of clinical research professionals. This certification is your qualification. You can visit to take training courses and programs that are very flexible, that fits right straight into your schedule, meaning you can learn at your own pace without interrupting with your life. At the end you’ll be getting the knowledge, experience, expertise, degree and certification that you need to carve out a successful career for yourself in the clinical research industry.