Clinical Research Associate Salary: what to expect in this field.

Clinical research associates or CRAs have the responsibility of assisting the entire process of clinical

research. They also need to offer technical expertise at an advanced level in different steps like

collection of results, ordering tests, and handling supplies. It is also their responsibility to present very

specific information regarding the research to the general public.

Clinical research associates also handle different types of administrative tasks. They need to conform to

very strict safety and privacy regulations to avoid the occurrence of issues with different subjects and

any ethical concerns. CRAs need to be organized and they should be able to pay attention to all details

when they are conducting their research by applying different investigative methods in healthcare and

clinical settings.

The expected salary

Many clinical research associates who are in the upper-levels like management can have a strong salary

upturn. The clinical trial managers can earn up to 97k dollars every year on average. Advancement in the

career of a clinical research associate leads them to become clinical project managers or even senior

clinical research associate. The median salaries for such positions are around 26k higher or 30k higher.

According to the survey, there is an indication that the clinical research associates have a large

professional skills toolkit. These include clinical research, oncology, and monitoring. These associates

tend to get more in terms of payment than the average. They may have a salary increase of up to 39


The duties

Clinical research associates have different duties which include the design, the planning, and the

implementation of the clinical research projects. They also oversee the overall clinical research

direction. They may also coordinate different activities of some colleagues in the company where they

work and in external entities.

A senior clinical research associate is looked upon to offer leadership in the activities involved in clinical

trials. They plan and implement the clinical trials that need to be carried out to ensure that all protocols

are adhered to.

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