Clinical Research Certificate Program

The field of clinical research is in fact the fastest growing discipline in the medical, pharmaceutical and device industries. For anyone to have a successful career in clinical research, it is important to be up to date with the ever increasing body of knowledge in the field and the ever increasing regulations and regulatory procedures that comes with regular advances in the clinical research industry.

The online clinical research certificate program is taught by professionals in the industry. The program is designed for a wide range of professionals that are seeking for knowledge and credentials in clinical research.

The program is normally a 15-semester credit program that helps students to understand the business principles and the best practices of the clinical research industry.

There are a broad range of courses that this program offers, including courses from the MS in Clinical Research Organization and Management (CROM) curriculum. These courses are:

  • Introduction to clinical trials

  • Fundamentals of compliance

  • Pharmaceutical law

These 3 courses are very important because they help you to keep up the pace with the developments in clinical research, legal and financial environment. This program also offers elective courses that help you to tailor your study plan towards your career goals. This will help you build skills and knowledge that are relevant to you and your career path helping you to successfully navigate through the clinical research landscape. Other courses that can be offered in this program relates to the following:

  • Clinical research management

  • Ethics and law

  • Compliance and safety surveillance

  • Biostatistics and data management

  • Regulatory affairs

  • New product research and development

  • New therapeutic product business and strategic planning

If your goal is to get ACRP or SOCRA certification, this online program can help you prepare for that. Your study plan can be designed to meet this goal.

The clinical research certificate program can help you pursue career paths, with opportunities abounding as a clinical research coordinator and clinical research associate. If this is your goal, to become a clinical research coordinator, you can take these elective courses in this line: designing clinical trials, fundamentals of academic research administration, clinical trials budgeting and internal regulatory affairs. If you want to be a clinical research associate, you can take elective courses along these line: patient recruitment and informed consent, scientific writing and medical literature, clinical data management, current issues in review boards.

At the end of this certificate program, students would have developed important skills and knowledge that pertains to the implementation of clinical research, practices of good clinical research and good clinical research design.

This is a very important and interesting program for those seeking knowledge in clinical research or those seeking to break new grounds in this field. Needless to say that it is done at your own time frame. For more information and enquiries about how to register for this program, visit