Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical research coordinator (CRC) are the ones responsible for conducting clinical trials while making sure that it is in sync with good clinical practices and it is conducted in an ethical manner. They are the organizers of the lab and the overseer of the team of clinical research associates and they work very closely with the principal investigator of the study being made.

The CRC play a very important role in any research study and it is worthy of note that it will be impossible for a medical research work to be successful without them. Some of their functions include;

  • Informing the study patients about the study and getting their full consent to go ahead with it.

  • Giving staffs that they work with the necessary training needed for the research work where necessary.

  • Communicating regularly with sponsors, investigators and trial monitors working on the research.

  • Gathering of lab results and procedure reports and showing them to the investigators as at when due.

  • They ensure that everything that will be used during the research is well accounted for. They communicate with the sponsors when in need of supplies.

  • They gather necessary information about a patient for the investigator to review and determine if it is safe to enroll the patient for the program or if the patient can continue the program if they have been on the program already.

  • Make sure the research adheres to ethical and regulatory standards.

  • Managing research budget.

These functions already shows how important a clinical research coordinator is to any research. They can be accurately referred to as the lifeline of a medical research program.

I wouldn't be ending this article without mentioning the clinical research coordinator salary. That's a very important part in talking about any job at all. The salary of the CRC ranges from between $53,000 - $71,000 per year in the United States. The salary varies based on different factors like education and certification, additional skills, experience in the field or years of service etc. The salary also vary across different institutions.

Much doesn't need to be said about the clinical research coordinator job description as it is already very spelt out in their functions listed above. It is however important to note that the CRC is expected to have a quick thinking and analytical mindset. They must pay attention to details. They must also have excellent communication and organization skills. These are attributes that separate the best CRC from the rest. As long as you have these attributes, you can become a good CRC. If you're interested, you can take courses along that line in various institutions or enroll for online courses that guarantees certification.