Clinical Research Nurse Jobs

A clinical research nurse does the job of conducting scientific research into different aspects of human health including areas like different illnesses, pharmaceuticals, treatment plans and healthcare methods. The major goal of this research is to improve the quality of healthcare services that is administered to the patients.

Clinical research nurses are also called nurse researchers and can take up clinical research jobs in institutions like research organizations, pharmaceutical companies, universities, research laboratories, government agencies and teaching hospitals.

The work that a research nurse does is quite exhaustive and it includes;

  • They use their knowledge of the basics of clinical research in designing and implementation of research studies.

  • Observation of the procedures for patient treatment, collection and analyzing of data.

  • They report their research findings to the relevant authorities. They may also have to present their results at health conferences and publish them in journals.

  • They write grant applications in order to secure funds to carry out the research.

  • They render assistance in the process of recruiting study subjects.

  • They provide direct treatment for research participants.

According to some clinical research job websites, many research nurses have a MSN degree and few others have a PhD in nursing. Many of them attain these degrees of education in order to give them an edge in getting clinical research positions. While studying, taking courses in statistics and research are very mandatory. Other certifications are however needed to be successful as a research nurse. There are two main certifications that clinical research nurses can get from the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). You can get certification to become a certified clinical research associate or you can choose to become a certified clinical research coordinator.

The clinical research nurse job is a competitive one and certificates are not just handed out to anybody. The conditions to be eligible to take the certificate exam is that you must be an experienced registered nurse and your experience must include having thousands of hours of experience in the area of clinical research.

Experience don’t just jump on you, you have to get it by practice. affords you an opportunity to acquire knowledge in clinical research, and not just knowledge but experience as well. Registering for the appropriate course will boost your knowledge base and as well you get experience of clinical research first hand.