Clinical Research Programs for bachelor's degree

Clinical research programs taught for a bachelor’s degree in clinical sciences is designed to equip undergraduates with the knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience that will be needed to pursue a career in clinical research. It is purposefully designed to help health care professionals that have taken an interest in the heart of all medical advancement and the future of all medical sciences.

A bachelor’s degree in clinical research opens a billion possibilities to go further into the clinical research field and to a higher level that will see you earning $65,897 - $145,980 a year on an average.

The bachelor’s program in clinical research helps you make a lasting impression and impact in the health care sector. It will see you participate in clinical trial conducts to ensure that the new innovative devices, drugs, equipment, therapeutics, and treatments follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines set by the FDA to help protect the patients and as well contribute to the rapidly growing field of health care innovation.

The courses will help you build up the foundations of clinical research concepts and the principles of bioethics. You will also be taking courses that will help you learn how to employ strategies to address cultural and ethical considerations for the effectiveness and compliant use and conduct of clinical trials research, and also how to communicative effectively with the diverse stakeholders, individually or in groups, as well as create elements of a (CDP) clinical development plan to meet all scientific, regulatory, commercial, and medical requirements.

These courses opens up opportunities to earn $48,362 as median salary per year as a Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC), $62,922 as median salary per year as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), $73,255 as median salary per year as a Clinical Data Manager (CDM), and $97,924 as median salary per year as a Clinical Trial Manager (CTM), just to mention a few.

Take online courses from CCRPS for its flexible features that are specifically designed to suit you and the clinical research industry, but you have to play your part by being purpose driving, self-disciplined and committed to improve and advance the health care and medical research industry.

You are expected to take part in a total of 120 college credit hours with core courses in; basic of clinical research, pathophysiology, bioethics, and epidemiology to mention a few, and electives in biostatistics, health care improvements, psychosocial aspects of health and illness, amongst others.     

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