Clinical Research specialist

Clinical research specialists often work in laboratories as part of a team of technologists, technicians, and supervisors to carry out clinical lab tests. They are integral role players in discovering, diagnosing, identifying, treating, and monitoring illnesses. While the precise duties of a clinical specialist will vary by training and place of employment, they usually specialize in one or several lab tests or procedures, including looking for bacteria or parasites, analyzing fluids, testing for drug levels, preparing specimens, counting cells, and making cultures. They are trained to have communication skills, interpersonal relationship skills, individualized skills, and precision skills.

Job Specifics of a Clinical Research Specialist

• Track enrollment status of subjects and document dropout information.

• Review scientific literature, attend conferences and seminars to maintain current knowledge of clinical studies affairs.

• Identify protocol problems, inform investigators of problems, or assist in problem resolution efforts such as protocol revisions.

• Prepare study-related documentation such as protocol worksheets, procedural manuals, adverse event reports, institutional review board documents, and progress reports.

• Confer with health care professionals to determine the best recruitment practices for studies.

• Prepare for or participate in quality assurance audits conducted by study sponsors, federal agencies, or specially designated review groups.

• Participate in the preparation and management of research budgets and monetary disbursements.

• Review proposed study protocols to evaluate factors such as sample collection processes, data management plans, and potential subject risks.

• Assess eligibility of potential subjects through methods such as screening interviews, reviews of medical records, and discussions with physicians and nurses.

• Develop advertising and other informational materials to be used in subject recruitment.

• Maintain contact with sponsors to schedule and coordinate site visits or to answer questions about issues such as incomplete data.

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How much does a Clinical Research Specialist make?

The national average salary for a Clinical Research Specialist is $92,267.

Whether you’re considering a career in clinical research management or looking for a job in that field, here’s a round-up of the info you need to know…

The average pay for a Clinical Research Manager is $32.27 per hour. The average pay for a Clinical Research Manager is $77,532 per year. A Clinical Research Manager can work for a number of different and exciting organizations, including a:

Pharmaceutical company.

Government-based organization –  the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

A non-governmental organization (NGO).

Health charity.

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