Clinical Researche vs clinical trial

There's a huge world of difference between clinical research and clinical trial.

Clinical research is the study of illness and health in people, it's the way prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses are learned. It's much more than the description of the numerous different elements of scientific investigation, it is also about the involvement of human participants and the translation of basic research from the lab into new drugs, treatments, and information that will benefit new and old patients.

Clinical trials on the other is a type of clinical research study. They are experiments that are designed to answer specific questions about possible new treatments or new ways of using known treatments. Clinical trials as well as health services, education, mental health, outcomes of experiments, physiology, pathophysiology, and epidemiology research all fall under the clinical research.

Clinical research is divided into two medical research that involves people; observational studies and clinical trials.

Observational studies observe people in normal settings, gathering information through tests, medical exams, or questionnaires and compare the changes over time. The studies did help identify new clinical trial possibilities.

Clinical trials are done to find out the safety and effectiveness of new drugs or treatments, it's a long and meticulous process that takes years to finish. It all starts from the study in the lab to the testing out on animals, if the treatments or drugs prove effective then they are tested out on people in clinical trials.

Clinical trials are aimed at evaluating medical, behavioral, or surgical intervention of drugs or treatments in people. It studies the role of caregivers, tests wats to find a disease early before there are visible symptoms, as well as look at how to make life a little better for people living with chronic health problems or life-threatening diseases. Clinical trials cannot be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until clinical research professionals have performed laboratory tests and studies in animals, and it has been proven safe and efficient.

We at CCRP believe more in knowing about clinical research more than in the practices of clinical trials. Don't get us wrong clinical trials are important but the clinical research industry is looking for the best of clinical research professionals that are available. Clinical trials are dependent on clinical research performed.

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