Foreign doctors in the US

Foreign doctors that were educated outside the US and have tried practicing medicine in the US have all come out to say that it is a long and tiring journey. To study and practice medicine, all states have their particular various requirements that should be met.

Proficiency in English, participation in a medical residency, and a certification by the educational commission for foreign medical graduates are some of the requirements that ought to be satisfied.

Here's good news there are several career alternatives that could make great use of your medical degree your knowledge time and also provide you a satisfying career in the US.

Clinical Research

clinical research is simply the process of determining the efficiency and safety of new drugs, treatments, devices, or diagnostic products that are intended for human use. It is one of the fastest-growing jobs according to the United States Bureau of Labour Statistics with an estimated 52,100 more positions available by 2024. If you're looking for a job that is going to take into account everything that you have studied, your hard earned medical degree, your time, your knowledge, and will also enable you to have a satisfying career in the United States then clinical research is your practice not the demand for clinical research has never been greater and the clinical trials market is expected to grow continuously and progressively over time.

Let's not forget to mention that it is also one of the highest paying jobs presently in the medical world.

Pharmacovigilance or Drug Safety

Pharmacovigilance or drug safety deals with the detection collection assessment monitoring and prevention of drug-related adverse effects in pharmaceutical products. This is another area under clinical research that deals with the globalization of the pharmaceutical market and the increased potential customer base for pharmaceuticals. This area also sees potential growth due to a number of reasons. The first being that there's a need to meet regulatory standards and requirements which in turn infers that there will be a need for more professionals to complete such research, the second being that an increased incidence of chronic illness will translate into increased global drug sales for patient managing their ailments to live healthily and the third one being that the globalization of the pharmaceutical market has increased the potential customer base for pharmaceuticals.

Clinical Data Science

Clinical data science deals with providing meaningful information from a large amount of clinical complex data. It deals with having a comprehensive knowledge of all areas that pertain to data collection, data management, data delivery,  understanding various protocols, and the ability to interpret clinical study data, and the technologies needed and used for clinical studies. With a start out the median salary of $94,000, it is one of the best jobs for foreign doctors in the US.

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