Information about Clinical research coordinator (CRC)

Clinical research coordinators (CRCs) job career is one of the challenging fields in the clinical research and it is one of the most specialized roles in the clinical research. They are specialized in conducting clinical trials under the guidance of principal investigator. CRCs are specialized and they are responsible in conducting the clinical trials for day to day activities involved and they are very important in the clinical study team.

Personalities of an active clinical research coordinator will lead a successful clinical trial process by strong interpersonal, good organizational skills with excellent communication with all details which will be collected in the site. They will have knowledge of the research procedures with regulatory requirements which will train Clinical research for beginners by doing multitasking skills to orient people and good time management skills. CRCs are basically busy professionals and they are highly essential with energy levels apart from the stated skills.

Where clinical research coordinator works? 

CRCs works in all different kind of study sites where it will be useful to know the different site and organization when they are assessing the potential site where they can work. 

  • Sometimes they will work in part time site, dedicated sites and academic sites.

  • In Part time site investigators maintain their practice along with the conduct of clinical trials.

  • In dedicated site they set up only conduct trials and they will not have any patients.

  • In academic site they study about the universities and teaching hospitals where the site is located also they will work in site management organizations (SMOs).

Roles and responsibilities of clinical research coordinator 

CRCs are the primary link between the sponsor and the study team at the site and they are the one who is responsible for CRC stretch through the entire clinical study process where from pre-study to implementation and completion of the study. CRCs have two main aims as a professional i.e. maintaining the reliability data and protection of the subject. Their responsibility can be divided into various types that are

  • To conduct the study at the site preparation of site should be done on time

  • New protocol at the site has to be assigned

  • They should manage the conduct of the study for the entire site throughout

  • The process of the should be informed in the site

  • They should be very independent to work as an CRC

  • They should be able to spend time on the site and should be flexible to travel to many places whenever it is required

Training for Clinical research healthy volunteers will be trained to ensure that they will have the knowledge about the drug development process, diseases, knowledge about GCP guidelines, good interpersonal skills, ethical and regulatory guidelines of the country, pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the drugs. To know how it works and how they coordinate in the site you can visit website in that you can get the details and information about the job training and the course about clinical research training also you can click clinical research for IMG on this webpage.