The association of clinical research professionals

The association of clinical research professionals is the leading innovation in the Clinical Research workforce They play such an important role in growing the workforce by setting standards for professional competence, building and validating competence in the clinical research workforce.

The association of clinical research professionals has collaborative initiatives that are driven by volunteers and are supported by private and public stakeholders. They build the next generation of clinical research professionals by improving their competence the awareness, training, education, and onboarding.

They set standards for professional competence by defining and promoting standardized competence requirements for the clinical trial workforce.

Building professional competence in the clinical workforce in regards to skills, abilities, and skills improvement of clinical research professionals by providing training programs and competency-based education.

CCRP offers certification after an online and/or in-person training programs to connect professionals and organizations together.

There are various types of clinical research professionals, here's a list of the few popular ones and the amount they earn as salary on an annual basis.

  • Certified Clinical Research Associates: CCRAs earn $69,614 on an annual basis as a salary. Clinical Research Associates are those responsible for the planning, setting up, and coordinating clinical trials. They provide technical assistance for experiments, make sure that the scientists that are involved in the clinical research trials comply with regulatory standards, and also collect results during the clinical trials.

  • Certified Clinical Research Professionals: CCRPs earn $68,679 on an annual basis as a salary. They collect samples and run tests, to the raining of medical scientists, to planning, management, and coordination of clinical trials and research projects, to making sure that all staff follows the research protocols, safety procedures, and compliance to the set regulations. They also record the progress that comes with the research and offers great help in the analysis of collected data.

  • Certified Clinical Research Coordinators: CCRCs earn $54,544 - $55,469 on an annual basis as salary. A Clinical research coordinator manages, oversees, executes tasks and day to day clinical trial activities, as well as works in conjunction with sponsors, departments, and institutions to manage finances, obtain compliance, and work through personal issues. The responsibilities include the planning and management of the following initiatives; study, enrollment, maintenance, and training. It also deals with compliance with the institutional, state, and federal regulations.

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