The nature and roles that a clinical research assistant has to fulfill

The role and nature of clinical research assistant working in research facilities are very different from

what we already know exists in the healthcare industry. This is a very busy department and the work is

unique as well. One needs to have an open mind to learn.

The clinical research assistant has to help in the collection and organization of all sorts of data that is

procured from any studies as well as trials that aim at identifying the efficacies, effects, risks, and even

benefits of various medical products and treatments. Tasks on a day to day for a clinical research

assistant is spent observing and communicating with the volunteers who are recruited to handle these

kinds of studies. In general, universities, government agencies, contract research organizations, and

even pharmaceutical companies.


Clinical research assistants have the role of gathering lots of data and making their observations based

on the clinical trials and experiment results. These assistants are responsible for analyzing and

interpreting the statistics which makes it possible for the clinical researchers to come up with

conclusions and results

The conclusions and results conducted are then passed to the research institutions, the necessary

government agency, or even the pharmaceutical company. The clinical research assistant has to work in

an administrative capacity. There are others who may have to perform some basic medical

responsibilities like administering the medication for trials and even drawing blood.


Most of the jobs in this area need a person to have a bachelor’s degree within the life sciences field.

However, there are some employers who need one to have degrees while there are others who need a

more advanced graduate degree. It is important for the clinical research assistants have a strong

educational background in the administration of clinical trials.

This means that you may have the kind of skills that help in organization. Having an interest in statistics

and math can be an added advantage.

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