What is masters in clinical research and how far does the course extend?

A masters in clinical research is a course that takes 2 years to complete. The course targets professional

and graduate students, faculty members, post-doctoral students, clinical residents, professional

students and so on. This is for those who want to pursue research careers which are independent and

those who want to master all the clinical research methods that are being used in the world today.

Clinical research is research where groups or individual humans are subjected to different levels of

testing and observation. This can include health services, Outcomes, behavioral, comparative

effectiveness, epidemiologic, translational, and patient-oriented research.

The coursework

The master in clinical research coursework extends further than what one gets in the certificate

program. It comes with instructions in more advanced biostatistical and epidemiological methods.

Specialized topics are also covered. These include cost effectiveness, decision, clinical research

molecular methods, medical informatics, prediction science, and casual inference analysis.

The degree needs a very deep review of all the literature within the field. It also requires presentation of

the most original work of international and national publications of manuscripts that are peer-reviewed.

The students work closely with mentors within different research areas. Preceptors are then chosen

from faculties within the training program.

Masters in clinical research aims at training different individuals on ways in which they can become

great leaders in the efforts in research. At the end of training, the graduates are ready to work in

different settings and this includes the private industry, foundations, public departments in health, and


However, the course does not really offer instructions in the laboratory investigations. It is a course that

is designed for any scholars who have a desire to work in a laboratory.

Usually, the masters in clinical research can be taken alone as an education program or it can be used as

a stepping-stone to higher degrees.

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