Clinical Research Monitor Training

clinical research MONITOR training

While several careers exist with a science degree, the best exposure to a medical career with a science bachelors is through Clinical Research Training. This can be taken as early as your senior year of college to prepare for a job directly out of university.

CRA positions right out of undergrad are nearly impossible to get due to the yearly 1.9 million graduates of science degrees (and approximate 2,000 applications per position). This is why Clinical Research Training is an essential investment in your career.

CRA positions after hiring will cover the expenses of travel, housing, food, and more if visiting clinical sites. Most pay $6.5-12k a month with the potential to move on to a CRA position after 2 years.

While many positions will fund or reimburse your CRA training; securing an initial position is the tough part. This is why our Clinical Research Training provides 110 clinical research training modules and interview preparation with a Senior CRA and Physician of 25 years.

Our Clinical Research Training makes almost anyone interested in making use of their science degree in medicine possible. We take on students with no medical background to full-on doctors looking for a better position due to their international medical degree.

We also offer private Principal Investigator Training for practicing physicians.

See available positions here to understand why CRA certification is essential to obtaining a career in medicine with a science degree.