Budgeting For The MCAT

   For many students, the financial burden of undergraduate education is difficult. The cost that is usually unexpected for many Premeds is the fee to strengthen and build the other parts of the med school app. The reality is that applying to medical school will be expensive. Studying for the MCAT requires a budget on its own! Many students spend over a thousand dollars just on materials alone. Yet, these materials will go to waste if you are not studying properly. Even students who have finished multiple sets of MCAT test prep books end up scoring below 500 on the MCAT (507 is considered the cutoff). Med school wants to be able to compare you EQUALLY to all other applicants. The issue is that your 40-120k spent on your bachelors to develop a competitive gpa is almost equal to the weight of the MCAT. Like your classes, you want to take the MCAT only once.  That is why you may hire a tutor or spend thousands on textbooks to help with your classes. Luckily, preparing for the MCAT does not have to cost as much as a bachelors degree even though it is weighted similarly! Some students succeed in spending just a few hundred on preparing. Yet, most students do not want to take that risk and have to repeat the MCAT, something that is very unfavorable for medical school. This is why students may enroll in review courses or hire a tutor. Bad News: students in review courses and with tutors still can score under 500 on the MCAT! How come? Investing thousands as well as hours should get you the results you want, right? Wrong. Large Test Prep companies have to serve a huge demand and this hire tutors that may help you as much as you need. What if you don't know what materials to use? If your practice test scores are high enough? If you are spending enough hours a day? What if you should be studying a different subject with more emphasis? What if you want to be pushed to your max and not just average? If you want to walk into test day knowing you did as much as you possibly could? What if you want to be able to go to the gym everyday and stay in shape while studying? What if you want to take all the tests out there? Take a look at other companies and see if they cater to these needs. We focus on every detail and assess your academic background and current study techniques to create both a general and weekly plan that will allow you to read any goal you desire. We know our students are busy and that this test may be the difference between becoming a doctor and not. That is why we have refined our program down to every detail. First we gain your confidence in us and then we raise your confidence in yourself. Budgeting for the MCAT is difficult & I suggest everyone follow the best route for them. Just remember to weight the risks vs benefits when considering what tools you will use during your prep. 

All The Best,

Amareen Dhaliwal 

Head Coach