When To Register For The MCAT

Registering for the MCAT is a complicated topic for some. We are here to make it simple, quick, and easy! Here are a list of Yes Or No questions that might help you understand when it may be time to take the MCAT. The more questions you are able to answer yes to, the more likely it is that you should take your MCAT soon!


  1. I Want To Start Medical School Around August, 2017
  2. My GPA Is Above 3.5

  3. I Have Already Graduated From An Undergraduate College
  4. I Have Completed The NEW Premed Prereqs For The MCAT & Med School

  5. I Have The Time To Dedicate 200-500 (Or Even More) Hours To Study For This Exam

  6. I Am Financially & Emotionally Stable Enough To Prepare For This Exam

  7. I Am Free Of Any Serious Stressful Events In The Near Future

  8. My Premed Advisor Suggested I Should Take The MCAT

  9. I Am A Junior In College & Do Not Want To Take A Gap Year

  10. I Am A Senior In College Getting Ready To Take A Gap Year

  11. I Am A Sophomore In College Wanting To Get A Head Start

  12. I Have Already Begun My MCAT Prep

  13. I Am A Freshman In College Wanting To Study For The MCAT While I Take Prereq Courses

  14. I Want To Be A Doctor One Day!

  15. I Am Retaking The MCAT But Have Already Prepared For The Old MCAT

  16. I Recently Decided To Take The MCAT Before June So I Could Apply This Year

  17. I Have Already Written My Med School Personal Statement

  18. I Have Already Received Letter Of Recommendations

  19. I Have 15 Work & Activities To Mention On My Medical School Application

  20. I Am Taking The MCAT Between June 2-Sept 10th In Order To Apply Within The Next 2 Years