Best MCAT and premed study area in Los Angeles

Students in Los Angeles are much more hard-working than any other students because they have to deal with the daily traffic and manage to stay away from the beach and nice outdoor weather! They don’t study like a typical student. They, in fact, can go on to study for long hours without taking a break. So, if your final exam is knocking at the door, you should read this article. We have compiled the four best MCAT and premed study areas in Los Angeles. So, let’s take a look at these study places and find out which is best for you. 

1. Café Tomo

The Café Tomo is a great study place in Los Angeles where you will get excellent foods like Spanish lattes, house-roasted coffees, and the favorite Tomo latte with condensed milk and freshly backed pretzels. This café is located next to Rancho Park. With a relaxing environment and new foods along with fresh drinks, every student will find this place suitable for a serious study session. The exact location of Café Tomo is 11309 Mississippi Ave., Sawtelle.

2. The Coffee Table

Whether you are an occasional student or a nerd, the Coffee Table will always serve your purpose. Equipped with five rooms with full of tables and outlets, the Coffee Table meets all criteria of the standard coffee house. There are a bar and lounge where you can relax after a grueling study session. The outdoor patio in the backside will allow you to have an outdoor study session. Moreover, the Coffee Table offers a full kitchen and various food items, which mean you will never remain hungry for a second. Not to mention you will never collide with any of the incoming neighbors because there are dozens of seats with a full bar. The physical location of Coffee Table is 1958 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock.

3. Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee is located on Western and 6th Avenue, Koreatown, Los Angeles. The café is open until 3 AM (for Friday and Saturday, the café remains open until 4 AM). When you sit at the café, the servers will refill the dishes quickly with slices of gourmet cakes and pastries. When you are tired after a tedious test prep, you will like the upbeat music of the café. When it comes to coffee, Mr. Coffee provides a big and delicious mug of coffee, which is by far the best in the town. Long story short, Mr. Coffee is the best study place in Koreatown for MCAT and premed students. You can go to Mr. Coffee if you follow this address: 537 S Western Ave., Koreatown. 

4. Bourgeois Pig

Bourgeois Pig is a unique café in Los Angeles which is located in Franklin Village. Blessed with a cozy environment and strong latte, the Bourgeois Pig provides high-quality service, food, and drink to their customers. Usually, it remains open until 2 AM. Therefore, all incoming students will enjoy the environment as well as the service. If you need a break from your studies, you can sit around the pool table and relax. If you follow this address: 5931 Franklin Ave., Hollywood Hills, you will be at the Bourgeois Pig. 


To sum up, we would like to say don’t take too much stress while preparing for a Test. You should remember that the only thing that matter is your performance on the test. If you perform according to your merit, the result will fall onto your feet. So, you should relax and enjoy a bit to avoid the stress. In that case, going to the above places in Los Angeles would surely be worthwhile as they offer much-needed space for a demanding study session as well as the coolest environment.