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Best MCAT Materials 2017

If you are searching for the best MCAT materials, then you have come to the right place. We understand that you have so many alternatives to choose from. Sometimes having a diverse range of options can make you feel overwhelmed, especially if it’s for your MCAT exam. For this reason, we are going to review the two best MCAT materials in 2017 that will help you in preparing for the biggest exam of the year. 

So, let’s read the article and learn how these materials can make you super confident for your exam. 

1. Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, 3d Edition  (or use "Quizlet set" of these books)

The first material or prep book on our list is the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, 3d Edition. We consider this book as the best MCAT prep book or a collection of books that is found on the market. This book is visually stunning with colorful illustrations and comprehensive diagrams. It also offers a cornucopia of MCAT information, which makes it a best-selling MCAT prep books for visual learners. The text within the book is digestible with a well-designed layout. 

What’s more, Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review, 3d Edition has been written by industry leading instructors. This extended and revised set would provide you with seven subject-specific books. These books are – Biology, Behavior Sciences, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Math, Physics, Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills.

You will have numerous practice questions, disseminated throughout the books. There will be three full-length MCAT practice tests with targeted practice tests at the end of every chapter. Besides, you will have access to full online resources from Kaplan as well. Also, the practice questions from each guide are carefully designed, and all questions will provide you with a similar difficulty level of the actual MCAT exam. In short, these practice questions are an indispensable part of this book. 

You should know that Kaplan has put a lot of effort into this guide as it contains more resources for MCAT than other guides. To add to this fact, this guide is a fresh, high-quality, and value-added resource for MCAT prep material. In truth, this guide from Kaplan is what you need to set the stone for your MCAT preparation. 

2. Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set, 2nd Edition (use after content review via TBR is done)

The second and final MCAT material on our list is Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set, 2nd Edition. This guide is a comprehensive MCAT prep material that includes every necessary resource to ace on the MCAT exam. Additionally, this remastered version of the MCAT prep book is the second edition of renowned Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set. When it comes to page numbers, it is longer than the Kaplan’s version of the MCAT preparation book. 

It covers three new sections of the MCAT exam – sociology, biochemistry, and psychology. And, there are seven subject review books: General Chemistry Review, Biology and Biochemistry Review, Organic Chemistry Review, Psychology and Sociology Review, Physics and Math Review, and Critical Analysis; and Reasoning Skills.

As for practice questions, the Princeton Review has provided more than 2,400 realistic practice questions with three full-length online practice tests. The online tests are designed after the latest version of MCAT exam. However, these tests will be harder than the actual tests. But if you think about preparing in the best possible way, then these tests should be a welcome addition to your armory. To add to this fact, you will have online student tools and helpful tips and information as a bonus material.

With an easy-to-understand style and fully-colored illustration, all books are written in a great way. You will have bulleted chapter summary and glossary at the end of each chapter. These summaries and glossaries will be an excellent reference tool. But, there are some drawbacks of this guide because some of the books are still from the first edition and some are already in the next edition. This similarity can make you confused. Aside from this, the visual learning effects are not as good as Kaplan. 

As a whole, this new guide from Princeton is one of the best and highly readable guides for MCAT exam. Although it is an expensive guide with a high price tag, but the resources you will get from the guide are worth the money. 

3. Berkley Review Book Set (Old OR New Edition)

4. Next Step Psychology & Sociology PRACTICE

5. EK Reasoning Skills & Analysis (+ TPR CARS BOOK not passage book)

6. EK 101 CARS and TPR Hyperlearning and Next Step CARS (both of their book)

7. Axilogy MCAT Planner (to stay on track for CARS, Sleep, Study hours, FL scores)

8. ALL THE PRACTICE TESTS YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON 25-30 to really master it! (Altius is our favorite, then EK, then Next Step, then Kaplan, then TPR, then TBR, then Sterling, then McGrawhill, then anything else you find)


Bottom Line

The bottom line is both Kaplan and Princeton’s MCAT prep materials are essential for any medical school students because both these guides will provide clear-cut instructions, high-quality resources, and cutting edge materials. And, in truth, you will need these things to ace in your MCAT exam!