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There are SO many MCAT companies all claiming the same thing: A boost in your score. But, only one will be the best fit for you. Remember, an MCAT company offering tutors is only as good as their tutors. With high demand, some companies might have to hire tutors that only took the old MCAT or those that do not have the skill to teach. Even if a tutor scored in the 99th percentile, they can not show you how unless they know how to teach. Even then, teaching styles vary. Luckily, most companies are flexible with switching tutors for you. Our company also offers tutoring but we make sure students review other companies before coming to us. Not all students decide to hire an MCAT tutor, but those who do should have a detailed explanation of the services available.  Here, we have published the main MCAT companies, what they offer, and their pricing. 

Princeton Review MCAT Tutor

Pricing based on experience of tutor. 

Includes: 60 Tutoring Hours

Private Level (tutor with 40+ hours of experience)- $8,100

Premier Level (tutor with 500+ hours of experience)- $11,700

Master Level (tutor with 1000+ hours of experience)- $16,500

Kaplan MCAT Tutor

Pricing based on tutoring hours.

15 Tutoring Hours- $3,999

25 Tutoring Hours- $4,899

35 Tutoring Hours- $5,799

Next Step MCAT Tutor

Pricing based on number of weeks & number of hours. AAMC materials included.

16 Tutoring Hours/4 Weeks + 4 Books/4Tests - $1,999

24 Tutoring Hours/8-12 Weeks + 8 Books/10Tests - $2,899

40 Tutoring Hours/3-6 Months + 8 Books/10Tests - $4,699

Tutor The People MCAT Tutor

Price based on hours. AAMC materials included. 

12 Tutoring Hours - $1,299

24 Tutoring Hours - $2,299

36 Tutoring Hours - $3,199

Axilogy MCAT Tutor

Price based on weeks (4-54 Weeks). 


12 Week: $3,899

50 Coaching Hours, $1,400 Test prep materials, added medical admissions interview, personal statement, work/activities help, leadership in nonprofits & guidance to start your own. 

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Several other tutoring services exist which you can also search and compare. Remember it is the tutor and not the company that matters.