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Fasting During The MCAT

Fasting While Studying
The time has come once again where millions of Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long where Muslims all around the world from sunrise to sunset. It is meant for self-reflection, patience, and the understanding of those in need. These are some attributes which are included also on the path to medicine. But first, we must get over many obstacles ahead and the biggest obstacle being the MCAT. Studying while fasting can be a great benefit, not only does it give one the ability to stay focused but it also provides fewer distractions. Here are a few tips that I have found from this past week on how to study while fasting. First, find a sleeping schedule that works for you. The days are long, and it can be exhausting to wake up early and fast the whole day while studying. Although many people don’t mind this, I personally have found that staying up until 5 am and sleeping until 12pm to be best suited for me. While staying up,I would have small balanced meals which help me stay focused throughout the night. Another tip is to try not to overeat. I know it can be tempting with family gatherings and different types of food. Do not fall for temptation! Overeating will cause you to feel extremely fatigue, which affects your studying and sleeping patterns. Eat less processed foods and sugar. I personally like to break my fast with dates, then eat lentil vegetable soup, and eat oatmeal before starting to fast gain. Throughout the night, I include small snacks and fruit smoothies. Other than eating well-balanced meals, be sure to stay hydrated, the days are long and you don’t want to feel dehydration the next day. Even though fasting all day can be tiring, be sure to keep your body in shape in order for your mind to stay focused. I have found that doing 30 minutes Pilates in the afternoon and going for a run after breaking my fast not only gives me the ability to stay focused throughout the day but helps me stay motivated. Ramadan has given me the patience to understand that with hard work and dedication we will hopefully do reach our goals. Happy Studying and Ramadan Mubarak!

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A Quick Insight into DNA Replication and Repair Process

w cells and offspring through. Precisely, all humans inherit similar characteristics from their parents through DNA replication process. Typically, the primary objective of this replication process is to get a matching copy of the original DNA. 

If there is any problem or error in the process, it will lead to mutations. Even though the mutations are extremely disastrous to human cells, some mutations will only not bring any danger to the body. In fact, some of these mutations will play a significant role in diversifying cell offspring. Also, DNA replication process is vital for the growth of cells and reproduction system of the body. 

In contrast to DNA replication process, DNA repair is a pool of processes to identify and correct the damage to the DNA molecules within an encoded genome. The human bodies are subjected to DNA damage from normal metabolic activities and environmental factors like UV light and radiation. Because of this danger, around one million individual molecules face abrasions per cell per day. 

DNA repair process heavily relies on several factors including the age of the cell, the cell type, and the extracellular environment. If a human cell accumulates some DNA damages, it will face three possible situations –

  • A state of dormancy, which is irreversible (termed as senescence)
  • Cell suicide, commonly known as programmed cell death or apoptosis
  • Unregulated cell division, which will lead to a cancerous tumor 

The ability to repair DNA damage is essential for the integrity of its genome. Therefore, this ability is severely important to the normal functionality of the organism. To conclude, human life span is greatly influenced by DNA damage repair and protection system. 

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How to Pick the Best Work and Activities for the AMCAS Application?

This reference is priceless, and you will realize its importance while filling up the AMCAS application.

An applicant can include up to three experiences in the work and activities section of the application. He/she must choose the most meaningful experiences that will go with the profession. They should include the experiences that affected them the most. So, take time and think about the experiences carefully. If you have a journal, it will help you write the detailed description of your experiences quickly and more correctly.

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How to Decide How Many Medical Schools to Apply For?

Finally, you can also consider applying to public medical schools, especially in your home state (regardless of the tier). In this way, you can get admission into your dream medical school. Use this med school search engine.

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Different Strategies for Improving The Score of CARs Section

One of the most challenging sections for all pre-med students is the MCAT’s Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. Typically, almost all students have read the basic scientific concepts, but they are not used to study the cold-hard facts of critical analysis and reasoning section. With that said, many students wish to improve their score in this section

3. Don’t move through materials too quickly

Some students have a knack for going through the materials too quickly, especially this section. On top of it, many tried to answer the questions by a guess. This is not a good way to answer the questions. The reason is you could miss critical information if you just fly through the materials. So, you should remember the following advice –

  • Take 5 seconds to think to understand the contents of the passage.
  • After reading a paragraph, take at least two seconds to figure out what the paragraph is describing.
  • Repeat this strategy for every paragraph.
  • Again, take at least five seconds to find out - what are you asked to write.
  • Repeat this for every question you answer.
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Best materials for improving MCAT Biology and Biochemistry section
  • Biologically Important Molecules
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Eukaryotic Cells
  • Genetics and Evolution
  • The Nervous and Endocrine Systems
  • The Circulatory, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems
  • The Excretory and Digestive Systems
  • The Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • The Respiratory System and the Skin
  • The Reproductive Systems

Resources to use:

1. Typical MCAT Test Prep Resources

2. 5000 MCQ Biochem WB 

3. Research Articles in Biochem

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Best Materials for Preparing for the MCAT Psychology and Sociology Section
  • Psychology and Sociology Strategy for the MCAT
  • Interacting with the Environment
  • Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Personality, Motivation, Attitudes, and Psychological Disorders
  • Self-Identity and Group Identity
  • Social Structure, Learning, Memory, and Behavior

So what companies have the best materials?

1. Next Step

2. Princeton Review

3. Kaplan

4. Examkrackers

5. AP Psychology 500Q 

6. Psyc/Soc Quizlet (Created by our founder)

7. Any Sociology or Psychology Tests You Can Find

8. Journal Articles In Psychology and Sociology

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How to Stay Motivated For The MCAT

If there is, one thing that is most common among pre-med students is that they find it hard to keep themselves motivated for the MCAT. Burning out during MCAT prep is common. This issue can bring negative consequences on their career, in particular on the MCAT test result. This is why we are going to give you some effective tips to keep yourself motivated. Let’s figure out how to stay motivated for the mcat with tips from our private mcat tutor (one of the best mcat tutor in San Diego, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. 

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What to eat during MCAT Prep

Pre-meds students wanting to pass the MCAT exam must prepare themselves in the best possible way. This preparation process includes a healthy eating habit with proper sleep. Most of the students do not know about this fact. Nevertheless, they are unaware of the fact that MCAT exam takes a heavy toll on the body. Thus, all students should eat foods that are not contagious. So, let us find out what you should eat during MCAT prep. 

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Best MCAT Tutors

There are SO many MCAT companies all claiming the same thing: A boost in your score. But, only one will be the best fit for you. Remember, an MCAT company offering tutors is only as good as their tutors. With high demand, some companies might have to hire tutors that only took the old MCAT or those that do not have the skill to teach. Even if a tutor scored in the 99th percentile, they can not show you how unless they know how to teach. Even then, teaching styles vary. Luckily, most companies are flexible with switching tutors for you. Our company also offers tutoring but we make sure students review other companies before coming to us. Not all students decide to hire an MCAT tutor, but those who do should have a detailed explanation of the services available.  Here, we have published the main MCAT companies, what they offer, and their pricing. 

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Tips For The Actual MCAT Test Day

Preparing for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be a daunting task for many students. However, the students can still be successful if they prepare themselves smartly. So, in this post, we are going to share the useful MCAT tips that are vital for preparing for the exam. Here are the useful tips that will make your study experience more manageable.

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What Is The MCAT?


Okay, but what is it really? Well for an average premed, it is the second most important exam of your life (first is you end up not doing well, second if you go to med school and preparing for USMLE. You will spend about 7.5 hours sitting and 6.25 hours thinking super hard. The score you get is determined by percentiles (find here) and allows medical schools (and some other schools) to compare you with other students regardless of any other factor. It is like your golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory. You can use it to open the gates, but that doesn't always let you stay. In order to impress Willy Wonka (ie your dream med school) you need to get a 507+ or 85th percentile. IE you need to be in the best 15% of test takers (~10,000 a year).


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How To Time Breaks For The MCAT

The MCAT wants you to focus like your running a "brain" marathon for 90 minutes straight. You may think that is simple, but a normal attention span cuts off at 20-40 minutes! Even when studying or reviewing, practice these strategies to improve your discipline and "mock" the MCAT daily (even when you aren't taking practice FLs). Start at the day that reflects your current break time and move down from there. Side note: Stop googling and searching SDN during your break (still great site for AFTER you are done studying for the day). Please! Your brain needs to actually relax. Set a timer and get back to work ASAP. If the breaks seem too short, you are not relaxing hard enough. Go have a dance party in the bathroom stall (its okay, no one will know) to relax more. If you cheat yourself into taking longer breaks, consider asking friend to keep you accountable by texting them the start and end of your break time. Even the best mcat tutor can't help you stay accountable if you cheat yourself! But, you can also set up a fun punishment such as donating $1 to your favorite charity every time you miss your break mark.  Make yourself bored, it makes the break "feel" longer. 

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What Does A 528 Really Mean?

Axilogy supports premedical students through informative MCAT prep blogs. Preparing for the MCAT is a battle on it's own! We hope our MCAT tips and prep will help you reach 515 (95th percentile) or higher on the MCAT! Our MCAT tutoring services provide students the ability to sit down and study without having to worry about what to study for the mcat, what materials to buy for the mcat, what practice tests to use for the mcat, or any of the other mcat-related content!

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Are My Practice MCAT Test Scores Good Enough?

Axilogy supports premedical students through informative MCAT prep blogs. Preparing for the MCAT is a battle on it's own! We hope our MCAT tips and prep will help you reach 515 (95th percentile) or higher on the MCAT! Our MCAT tutoring services provide students the ability to sit down and study without having to worry about what to study for the mcat, what materials to buy for the mcat, what practice tests to use for the mcat, or any of the other mcat-related content!

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