Different Strategies for Improving The Score of CARs Section

One of the most challenging sections for all pre-med students is the MCAT’s Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. Typically, almost all students have read the basic scientific concepts, but they are not used to study the cold-hard facts of critical analysis and reasoning section. With that said, many students wish to improve their score in this section.

However, due to lack of proper guidance, they fail to master the strategies of preparing for this section. Consequently, we are going to explain the most efficient strategies that will help any pre-med students to overcome the challenging hurdle of MCAT’s Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (CARS) section. So, let’s have a quick look at them.

1. Train your mind to pay maximum attention

Most students fail to understand that reading is more than just seeing. To get a better score in this section, you must correctly understand and deduce all information from the text. This approach includes the following –

  • Read Fast and Read Well
  • Feel Comfortable with complex reading

The above things indicate that you must speed up your reading and comprehension capacity. This is much more similar to reading a newspaper where you spend 30-40 minutes just to read some boring subject matter.

In truth, if you can focus on reading boring subject matter, your mind will be trained to pay attention when it is not interested. Remember that if you try this out with a reading novel, then it will not improve your ability to focus. So, try to follow this strategy for around three weeks and you will see positive results.

2. Always read the passage carefully

Many students can understand a passage, but they cannot answer the question accordingly. This problem occurs because –

  • You have skimmed the passage and missed out the key points.
  • You did not understand the meaning of the passage clearly.
  • You need more practice at working through passages.

So, we suggest you get some books of CARS passages and practice them every few days. Keep in mind you should not practice the passages daily as it will become a common task for preparation. Rather you will be better off if you practice the passages in a few days break. In this way, you can learn how to tackle this problem.

3. Don’t move through materials too quickly

Some students have a knack for going through the materials too quickly, especially this section. On top of it, many tried to answer the questions by a guess. This is not a good way to answer the questions. The reason is you could miss critical information if you just fly through the materials. So, you should remember the following advice –

  • Take 5 seconds to think to understand the contents of the passage.
  • After reading a paragraph, take at least two seconds to figure out what the paragraph is describing.
  • Repeat this strategy for every paragraph.
  • Again, take at least five seconds to find out - what are you asked to write.
  • Repeat this for every question you answer.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is you should never try to read the materials too quickly. Besides, you should not skim through the passage. Always pay maximum attention while answering CARS questions. Above all, you should use the above strategies to good effect and practice the materials correctly.