What to eat during MCAT Prep

Pre-meds students wanting to pass the MCAT exam must prepare themselves in the best possible way. This preparation process includes a healthy eating habit with proper sleep. Most of the students do not know about this fact. Nevertheless, they are unaware of the fact that MCAT exam takes a heavy toll on the body. Thus, all students should eat foods that are not contagious. So, let us find out what you should eat during MCAT prep. 

The Foods That You Should Eat During MCAT Prep

At first, you need to figure out which foods will provide nutritional value to your body. The reason is you just cannot eat any foods that derail the performance of the body. In that case, you should consider taking the following foods –

  • All-natural peanut butter and jam on whole-wheat bread
  • An apple with cheddar cheese slices 
  • Celery sticks and natural peanut butter 
  • Sliced turkey breast (low-salt) and carrots with hummus
  • Tuan fish with mayo (it must be low-fat one) in a wheat pita and lettuce with tomato
  • Toasted English muffin and tomato slices with slices of low-fat cheese
  • Whole-wheat toast with honey and sliced banana 
  • Rice, low-fat beans, salt-free spices, and diced tomatoes 
  • Strawberries with vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt

A Piece of Advice

Foods such as snacks, cookies, pizza, coffee, and fast food can be a quick meal and can save time as well. They might even fulfill your appetite quickly as well. However, have you ever consider how would feel after taking these junk foods? In most case, you would feel sluggish and sleepy. There are chances that you might feel bloated. Moreover, if you take too much coffee, your stomach will feel irritated. Like any other engine, your body’s performance depends on what you put into it (like the fuel). 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is during MCAT prep; you will take small yet frequent meals to keep your body fresh. Remember that your brain must be well fed. To make this happen, you must take a mix of foods that includes a right amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat. On a side note, if you are addicted to coffee, you should consider taking all-natural (iced) green tea. Overall, you should take the above foods and stay fresh during MCAT prep!