Fasting During The MCAT

Fasting While Studying
The time has come once again where millions of Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long where Muslims all around the world from sunrise to sunset. It is meant for self-reflection, patience, and the understanding of those in need. These are some attributes which are included also on the path to medicine. But first, we must get over many obstacles ahead and the biggest obstacle being the MCAT. Studying while fasting can be a great benefit, not only does it give one the ability to stay focused but it also provides fewer distractions. Here are a few tips that I have found from this past week on how to study while fasting. First, find a sleeping schedule that works for you. The days are long, and it can be exhausting to wake up early and fast the whole day while studying. Although many people don’t mind this, I personally have found that staying up until 5 am and sleeping until 12pm to be best suited for me. While staying up,I would have small balanced meals which help me stay focused throughout the night. Another tip is to try not to overeat. I know it can be tempting with family gatherings and different types of food. Do not fall for temptation! Overeating will cause you to feel extremely fatigue, which affects your studying and sleeping patterns. Eat less processed foods and sugar. I personally like to break my fast with dates, then eat lentil vegetable soup, and eat oatmeal before starting to fast gain. Throughout the night, I include small snacks and fruit smoothies. Other than eating well-balanced meals, be sure to stay hydrated, the days are long and you don’t want to feel dehydration the next day. Even though fasting all day can be tiring, be sure to keep your body in shape in order for your mind to stay focused. I have found that doing 30 minutes Pilates in the afternoon and going for a run after breaking my fast not only gives me the ability to stay focused throughout the day but helps me stay motivated. Ramadan has given me the patience to understand that with hard work and dedication we will hopefully do reach our goals. Happy Studying and Ramadan Mubarak!

-Rana Shawhatti