Tips For The Actual MCAT Test Day

Useful Tips to Prepare for MCAT Exam

Preparing for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is not an easy thing to do. In fact, it can be a daunting task for many students. However, the students can still be successful if they prepare themselves smartly. So, in this post, we are going to share the useful MCAT tips that are vital for preparing for the exam. Here are the useful tips that will make your study experience more manageable.

1. First things first, register for the MCAT! Check out the registration card carefully to make sure all information are accurately provided on the card. If there is any problem with the info, you should contact the office BEFORE test day.  

2. Learn what the MCAT actually is! Read the Official MCAT guide or talk to a friend or mcat tutor to figure it out. You can always message us for questions! These documents can give you an exact idea of what MCAT policies and procedures are. 

3. Learn about different features of the exam– how to move your cursor during the exam (ie scrolling through every word vs. letting your mouse just sit there), selecting the right answers (ie some people accidentally click the wrong answer choice when they get tired! learn to double check), highlighting the passages (ie you have to click on a highlight button which wastes a lot of time), etc. The thing is if you can understand the tech behind MCAT exam, it will help you prevent silly mistakes that can cost you time and answers.

4. You can learn about the check-in process of MCAT exam beforehand. Atleast a week before. You can learn this by watching short videos. You will find many videos on the internet providing a detailed overview of the entire process. Figure out where your testing center is. If you need to drive far or fly, try to study in that location for 2-7 days prior (especially if you are nervous). Moving far for the MCAT can cause you to forgot important details and typically is not preferred. Read the reviews for the testing center. Go a day before to see the avg. temperature. Dress accordingly.  

5. Read the ‘Honoring Your Examinee Agreement’ to WAKE UP before practice tests and just to ensure your reading skills are adjusted. You might also want to know why this agreement is important.

6. Go through the ‘Guidelines for Discussing the MCAT Exam’ as these guidelines offer a summary and examples of what you should and shouldn’t say after sitting for the exam.  You might want to know what you can't spill to your friends or forums after. Worst case is getting a 99th percentile and telling someone a question on there which might get your score and entire academic history "black-listed".

7. Make sure that you have a legitimate ID for the test day. Bring a CLOSED CASE of earbuds to silence the heavy panting of nervous test takes. Seriously. In any case, the ID does not meet the requisite criteria; you will not be allowed to sit for the test.

8. Try to reach the testing center 1 hour before the exam starts. Not TOO early! You don't want to sit there and get nervous. You also don't want to sit around people who physically act nervous (it might make you feel the same). Bring your confidence. Also, bring food and drinks with you because the MCAT exam is 7 hours and 33 minutes long. If you take caffiene, bring it! Don't bring candy if you know sugar distracts you. Bring MORE food than you need. Hopefully, something bland and easy to swallow. Bathroom breaks go by fast. Wear pants without pockets and a long sleeve to cut down time going in and out of the testing center.

Bottom Line 

If you encounter any issues during test day (which happens), you should report to the Test Center Administrators (TCAs). Every test center has TCAs on staff to assist the students. All in all, you should follow the above tips for preparing the MCAT exam to have a chance to make a bright career!