How to Decide How Many Medical Schools to Apply For?

Many pre-med students find it difficult to determine the number of schools for application. They feel utterly confused and perplexed at the thought of choosing a specific school. This problem persists because choosing a medical school involves several challenging considerations. Luckily, we will explain these important factors in a detailed manner. All U.S. medical schools provide the BEST education. You should apply to as many as you can afford to ensure your best shot at getting in. So, let’s get started and find out how you will be able to choose your perfect medical school.

1. Location of the School

The first big consideration is the location of the medical school. The location is important for various reasons including financial and personal reasons. In most case, many students get admission into a great school but end up staying in a less desirable city. The thing is you cannot take decisions by realizing how great the medical school is! You have to remember that you are going to spend the next four years of your life in a particular location or city. So, find out which city or place is suitable for you. You can also consider applying to schools in your home state where you will get preference.

2. The Number of Schools

Typically, you should aim for 13 to 15 medical schools. This decision also rests on the geographic restrictions. As a result, you should apply more than ten schools. Even if you grade and MCAT score is poor, you have to try this number of schools. In contrast to this decision, if you think of applying to more than 20 schools, it will be a bad decision for yourself. In fact, it will cost your time and money significantly. So, it’s better to avoid applying to more than 20 schools.

3. Your GPA and MCAT Score

Before choosing the medical schools, another significant consideration should be your GPA and the MCAT score. You can start looking at the average accepted student’s profile at different schools. Most of the medical schools publish this kind of stat and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) website also provide useful statistics as well. In this way, you can identify what scores the medical schools want. Thus, you can compare your score to figure whether you are eligible for a particular school.

4. School Tiers

If you use the right combination of medical schools for your application, the possibility of being accepted into a medical school will be higher. Typically, you will apply to some schools where your scores and GPA match the average accepted student’s profile perfectly. Besides, you can apply to a higher tier of medical schools and keep one or two schools as a backup (where your numbers are higher than the average accepted score).

Bottom Line

Finally, you can also consider applying to public medical schools, especially in your home state (regardless of the tier). In this way, you can get admission into your dream medical school. Use this med school search engine.