How to Pick the Best Work and Activities for the AMCAS Application?

The academic results are not enough to get enrolled into an institution, especially in medical schools. Typically, a medical school admission requires more than just results. Apart from academic achievements, the students must show commitment, perseverance, originality, personal integrity, and concern for others. The applicants must know how to communicate well. 

The applicants must have a basic idea about the career in medicine and are aware of their capability to cope up with this caring profession. They can emphasize on relevant working experience, both paid and voluntary in this area. It will demonstrate their understanding of this profession.

It is a common fact that medical schools look at applicant's work experience during their selection process. This document defines work experience as any activity that allows you to demonstrate the following –

  1. Your real-life experience of providing health care to ill people and you know the consequences of working in this profession.
  2. You have learned some traits necessary for being a good and caring doctor such as good communication skill, ability to mix with different people, and conscientiousness, etc. 
  3. You possess a sound knowledge of medicine and that you are aware of the physical, organizational, and emotional demands of a medical career.
Sample AMCAS Work and Activities For Med School App

Sample AMCAS Work and Activities For Med School App

If an applicant can gather these experiences and qualities, he/she will be assessed as a good candidate for this profession. Medical schools will consider the elements mentioned above to judge you at the interview board or when they deem your personal statement and references.

Work or Activities

It is a critical section of the application. You will need to include your extracurricular, clinical, and research activities (volunteer and paid) here so that the medical schools know about your capability and experience. Prepare yourself gradually from the very first of your undergraduate years and make sure you have made a record of all your activities in this section.

It is wise to create a journal of experiences where you will keep a record of your activities throughout the premedical years. Create entries for each new activity in your journal and make sure you have put things in details. It should be like your personal diary of achievements. The journal should include-

Categories for AMCAS Work/Activities

Categories for AMCAS Work/Activities

  • The people or organization you worked with
  • The number of hours you worked
  • A summary of the nature of that activity
  • Your experience and how it impacted you
Most Meaningful Experience AMCAS Work/Activities

Most Meaningful Experience AMCAS Work/Activities

This reference is priceless, and you will realize its importance while filling up the AMCAS application.

An applicant can include up to three experiences in the work and activities section of the application. He/she must choose the most meaningful experiences that will go with the profession. They should include the experiences that affected them the most. So, take time and think about the experiences carefully. If you have a journal, it will help you write the detailed description of your experiences quickly and more correctly.

Sample AMCAS Work/Activities Most Meaningful