How to Stay Motivated For The MCAT

If there is, one thing that is most common among pre-med students is that they find it hard to keep themselves motivated for the MCAT. Burning out during MCAT prep is common. This issue can bring negative consequences on their career, in particular on the MCAT test result. This is why we are going to give you some effective tips to keep yourself motivated. Let’s start reading the post! 

1. Get Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep is the first step towards following your daily schedules. Try to get up at the same time as the exam time of MCAT, which is 8 am. Try to adapt to the distance from your home to exam hall and manage your wake up time. Try to go to sleep between 10pm-12am.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Try to follow a healthy diet. Try to skip eating simple carbs too much as the insulin crash will be too much to take after.

Also, try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day to keep the energy flowing and boost your performance as well. 

3. Switch between Topics and Subjects

Always switch up between your studies topics as too much of anything is harmful. Reading the same subject for hours will make you demotivated, to say the least. Try to mix it up, go through more than just a couple of subject’s every day. Try to prep for a couple of hours at a time and take a break soon after. 

4. Take Some Time Off

Studying too much monotonously will break the willpower and energy that keeps the drive inside you alive. Take some time off and do some fun stuff. Hang out with your friends, play video games, do yoga, meditate. Just find yourself some activities that keep you going. 

It is critical to keep yourself highly motivated. The road is far, and you surely have to go a long way before you reach your goal. However, keeping yourself motivated through these tips stated above; you will be able to see yourself in a great shape for your daily schedule. Practicing these will help you to keep your body, mind and soul sound and ready to go!