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Best MCAT Prep Schedule

Best MCAT Schedule

Most students have a common misconception about MCAT study schedule – We have to spend at least 300 hours to ace the MCAT exam. Our students at Axilogy are trained and provided daily incentives that allow them to reach 700-900 well before test day.  Well! This parameter is an official guideline from AAMC but do you know – beyond this so-called complete guidance; there is more to what could be an ideal MCAT study schedule! Our MCAT Planner is available on amazon which will get you started with generating an official plan, tracking yourself daily, and referencing an MCAT checklist in the back to make sure you get your work done. 

If we explain it in simple terms, it would be like – there are various study schedules for MCAT exam. And all of them are tried and tested programs. What you need to do is just adapt to them carefully to meet your study requirements perfectly. 

So, in this article, we are going to explain about two major patterns, which are based on study timelines. And, we will provide you with a short and crisp review of the official MCAT Planner. Let’s read the article and learn how you can arrange your MCAT study schedule. 

1. The Long-term Study Schedule  

If you are someone who is leading a double life of working a full-time job and studying hard for MCAT exam, then this schedule is for you. You should remember that this schedule is a one-year study plan where you will go through all types of study materials. Even you can extend this schedule beyond the one-year timeline. In this study schedule, you will set aside two-three days per week for MCAT preparation. 

Note that you will continue this study pattern to build your base strongly. Ultimately, when you sit for the exam, you would need to speed things up to make sure you are being prepared in the best possible manner. You can use different practice materials and study for a few hours a day at least four days per week. Be flexible with it. 

2. The Steady and Consistent Study Schedule 

This study schedule is stable and consistent as it would be a suitable to students who have a light and less stressful life. In fact, all students who are at the end of the last semester should consider this approach. In this study schedule, you will keep at least six months at your hand where you will be studying a minimum three to five days per week. Compared to the long-term study schedule, you will have more days to practice on MCAT materials and books. 

Keep in mind you will have a stern obligation to this schedule because you need to work hard to meet the consistent nature of this study timeline. Therefore, you should make yourself compatible with the entire schedule and fit your class and work time to make sure everything is in line with the full program. In other words, you have to ensure that you don’t miss a minute as every second count in this study schedule. 

Now that we have talked about two different study programs, we would like to introduce the MCAT planner to you. This MCAT planner is one of the most powerful and unique tools that will help you plan and organize everything related to your MCAT preparation. So, move onto the next phase and find out what we think about it. 


The MCAT Planner

The MCAT Planner is an excellent tool for students who want to prepare for Medical College Admissions Test. It offers a variety of techniques and tips with which you can stay organized throughout your study schedule. It will help you manage time efficiently. You will be able to keep your priorities in mind if you use this MCAT planner. In fact, this is the only tool that is designed for MCAT test-takers to get the best out of you. 

It doesn’t matter if you are following a particular company’s guideline or your self-study guideline, the MCAT planner will provide you with the essential means to manage everything by breaking down into different parts. Even the entire review process will be segregated into manageable parts to make sure you have a reference overview of what is left to study. Besides, you will be able to track your progress through different materials and thus, you can observe your progress smoothly. You will also be able to divide up every plan into weeks and days to ensure you have a perfect plan for each passing day. 

Furthermore, the MCAT planner is designed in a structured way that helps in keeping your focus on the test day goals. However, it is still considerably flexible to offer a personalized approach to your overall study schedule. The MCAT Planner is equipped with planning sections. This section allows the students to create a feasible plan with actionable goals and prioritizing alternatives for every day. Also, the day and week planner will permit you to design and create all study sessions based on the weekly practice schedule goals.

There are also Monthly Reassessment Options with Monthly Goals Graph and Week Wrap-up alternatives. These will help you to track your progress based on the practice exams. Even the performances and results of your practice exams will work as key indicators of your growth and development.  In truth, the MCAT Planner will help you in accomplishing your study goals in the best possible way. 

Bottom Line 

The bottom line is your time is what you need to consider carefully because managing your time is an essential aspect of any preparation. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which tool you are using or how many hours you have kept for your preparation, if you cannot manage everything timely, acing in the MCAT exam will be tough!