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Nucleic Acid: The Major Functions

The nucleic acids are crucial to large biological molecules of all that is living. The nucleic acids are divided into RNA and DNA. They are the key element of the living organisms. They can be found in most of the living cells. The nucleic acids are also known to be biopolymers while the monomers are called nucleotides.

Essential functions of nucleic acids are as follows –

  1. Stores and transfers genetic data
  2. Directing the fusion of new protein based on genetic information
  3. DNA functions as the storage for genetic data inside the cells
  4. Fusion of RNA inside the cell is regulated by DNA
  5. All the genetic data goes through DNA to the protein synthesizers inside cells

How to Pick the Best Work and Activities for the AMCAS Application?

This reference is priceless, and you will realize its importance while filling up the AMCAS application.

An applicant can include up to three experiences in the work and activities section of the application. He/she must choose the most meaningful experiences that will go with the profession. They should include the experiences that affected them the most. So, take time and think about the experiences carefully. If you have a journal, it will help you write the detailed description of your experiences quickly and more correctly.

Best Materials For Improving Physics and Chemistry section

Welcome To Physics On The MCAT

Welcome To Physics On The MCAT

There has been an introduction of three more additional semesters worth of materials with advanced and critical topics. The duration of the exam has become longer than usual. On top of it, several new concepts have been included in the syllabus as well.

Due to these facts, the students have to be more diligent in preparing for MCAT exam. In fact, they need to use sophisticated materials for preparation. In that regard, this post will enlighten all pre-med students about improving the score on Physics and Chemistry section. So, let’s find out which materials would be useful for them!

(If 6-12 months early, rewatch lecture series for physics and gen chem along with MCQ for physics and gen chem finals)

Don't let this be you

Don't let this be you

1. TBR Physics, TBR Gen Chem, TBR O Chem

You're welcome in advance, these books are live savers REGARDLESS OF IF THEY ARE UPDATED (the update changed barely anything, just a new test at the end of biology and a few things)

2. EK 1001 Physics, Gen Chem, O Chem

3. Sterling Physics, Gen Chem, O Chem Practice Tests (Online)

4. Kaplan MCAT Quizlet Flashcards for Physics, Gen Chem, and OChem Books (in MCQ test taking mode)

5. General MCAT Quizlet Flashcards (in MCQ test taking mode)

6. Research articles in Physics, Gen Chem, and OChem

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How To Apply and Get Into For Medical School?

Find the basic requirements and information for how to get into medical school and how to apply for it. For more information feel free to contact us.

How to Decide How Many Medical Schools to Apply For?

Finally, you can also consider applying to public medical schools, especially in your home state (regardless of the tier). In this way, you can get admission into your dream medical school. Use this med school search engine.