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Best Materials For Improving Physics and Chemistry section

Welcome To Physics On The MCAT

Welcome To Physics On The MCAT

There has been an introduction of three more additional semesters worth of materials with advanced and critical topics. The duration of the exam has become longer than usual. On top of it, several new concepts have been included in the syllabus as well.

Due to these facts, the students have to be more diligent in preparing for MCAT exam. In fact, they need to use sophisticated materials for preparation. In that regard, this post will enlighten all pre-med students about improving the score on Physics and Chemistry section. So, let’s find out which materials would be useful for them!

(If 6-12 months early, rewatch lecture series for physics and gen chem along with MCQ for physics and gen chem finals)

Don't let this be you

Don't let this be you

1. TBR Physics, TBR Gen Chem, TBR O Chem

You're welcome in advance, these books are live savers REGARDLESS OF IF THEY ARE UPDATED (the update changed barely anything, just a new test at the end of biology and a few things)

2. EK 1001 Physics, Gen Chem, O Chem

3. Sterling Physics, Gen Chem, O Chem Practice Tests (Online)

4. Kaplan MCAT Quizlet Flashcards for Physics, Gen Chem, and OChem Books (in MCQ test taking mode)

5. General MCAT Quizlet Flashcards (in MCQ test taking mode)

6. Research articles in Physics, Gen Chem, and OChem

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How To Apply and Get Into For Medical School?

Find the basic requirements and information for how to get into medical school and how to apply for it. For more information feel free to contact us.

How to Decide How Many Medical Schools to Apply For?

Finally, you can also consider applying to public medical schools, especially in your home state (regardless of the tier). In this way, you can get admission into your dream medical school. Use this med school search engine.

How to Write Your Personal Statement for Medical School?

When writing a ‘Personal Statement' many potential pre-med students break down in a shiver. This problem persists in the minds of students because they are not used to write personal statement often. However, do not be balked at writing this kind of letter because it can be an excellent opportunity to display your talent.

With that said, the officials at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) want to see whether you are talented enough to join an elite group of students. So, we are going share some useful tips to write a personal statement. Let us read the post carefully and prove that you belong to MCAT!

  1. When writing a personal statement, you should focus on a particular theme. We suggest you stick to that topic and support your choices with specific examples.
  2. Many students think good writing means using sophisticated writing styles with unequivocal language. In truth, a good writing means simple writing. So, use clear and direct language with obvious points. Remember that your essay must not be difficult to comprehend.
  3. Most students forget to mention why they are choosing a life in medicine. This is a big mistake, and you should always avoid it. Therefore, write your personal statement in a relevant way and reflect on why you are selecting this profession. Write things that are directly related to your cause. Tell what desires and experiences have made you choose to become a medical student.
  4. At the time of writing a personal statement, you should answer what is asked of you. So, avoid using small fonts, doodles or funny margins and make your writing simple.
  5. Don’t forget to write about your unique experiences and skills. Many students have failed and succeeded. Nevertheless, what is important is how you have reacted to these incidents. So, be specific and be personal in describing these issues.
  6. After finishing your personal statement, you should proofread the contents by a medical professor and an expert writer. The reason is only a medical professor, and a professional writer can judge your writing accurately.
  7. If you believe you need it, look for the best writing help companies that can assist in making your essay flow. While not everyone needs essay help, having a keen eye view it might be imperative to creating the best essay


To conclude we are suggesting you to take time before writing the personal statement. When you feel you are ready to write, use the above tips to write a compelling and extraordinary personal statement!