What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is simply the technology based on biology. Biotechnology is used to harness the cellular and biomolecular processes. Thus, they are helpful to develop techniques and products which are essential to our health and the health of the planet. The biological procedures have been used for many ears to create useful food products (bread, cheese) and preserving the dairy products.

More than 250 health care goods and vaccines are served to the patients who were engineered through biotechnology. They provide treatment for many diseases that were not treatable before. About 13.3 million farmers use biotechnology to improve the agricultural process. More than 50 refinery institutes use biotechnology to manufacture biofuels and renewable biomass.

Biotechnology development may help us and our world by overcoming many challenges in the following ways:

Healing the World –

  • Keeping the infectious illnesses under control.
  • Keeping millions of children safe.
  • Helping to keep the life-endangering conditions under control, which affects many of us.
  • Providing healthcare to individuals.
  • Coming up with the state of the art tools to detect diseases.
  • Overcoming major diseases which threaten the health of our people.

Providing fuel to the world –

  • Taking necessary steps to keep the chemical manufacturing process under control.
  • Keeps the temperature in control regarding washing clothes, which saves $4.1 billion per year.
  • Developing manufacturing process by lowering cost.
  • Maintaining the leash on petrochemicals.
  • Cutting down the greenhouse gas production by more than 52%.
  • Controlling water usage and full use of biomass products.

Feeding the World

  • Ensuring higher production in the agricultural section.
  • Keeping the use of chemicals in control.
  • Introducing bio crops which require a lesser use of pesticides.
  • Developing new agricultural products with a higher level of nutrition.
  • Producing toxin free food products.
  • Developing the food and vegetable oils that are healthier to consume.