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We charge a set fee for all institutions for unlimited access and certification. We build the course out of our 110 modules specifically for what your employees need. We offer live online lectures and in-person lectures as needed. All employees can be certified at this rate which will improve your financing.

CCRPS works with hospitals, CROs, academic institutions, and healthcare industry companies to train all employees up to ICH GCP or Clinical Research Associate level with their online course of up to 110 modules and competency examination. CCRPS offers live weekend lectures for employees and certification on request. Our SrCRAs offer mock site visit and consulting for CROs. CCRPS is known to help clients get the maximum R&D financing by enhancing staff knowledge via its extensive online course and examinations.

No employer in any field or industry employs a staff without a prior knowledge, ability or competence in carrying out their supposed duty and fulfilling their job description. It is the same with the clinical research industry as well. Examples of employers in this industry are pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, clinical research organizations, government agencies etc. These companies and organizations all have a minimum level of training that individuals must possess before they can be considered employable. There are minimum educational requirements, certification and certain other skills that employers consider before employing a clinical research professional.

However, because of the nature of medical science, the growth and evolution of science and the advancement of technology. There is a constant need for clinical research professionals to be kept abreast with the constant development of medical science and the use of more sophisticated technological devices while ensuring that they maintain good clinical practice. This has therefore, increased the importance of clinical research training for employers.

Employers willing to increase the level of professionalism and competence among their staffs often enrol their staffs for online and offline training programs which develops them and increases their output. There are different variations of these programs depending on the training platforms. Some of these variations offered by different platforms include:

  • Classroom training: this program reduces the amount of time spent out of office or work by the staffs. In this program, the trainers come down to the company's facility to train the staffs. This reduces the amount of time the staffs will spend traveling, as well as the travel expenses. This increases the staffs competence and improves their job performance while at work.

  • Online training: this is an electronic based training program that makes use of different adult learning techniques that enables the students (organization's staffs) to fully understand the contents of what has been taught. This makes it easy for them to apply what they are learning on the job and helps them to be more competent. This program makes use of different online platforms that ensures interaction between the lecturers and the students. The online training is convenient and self-paced.

  • Custom program: this program allows the team of trainers to work with the organization's staffs in order to develop online and offline training programs that are tailored to meet the needs and specifications of the organization and its staffs.

  • Boot camp and onboarding program: programs like these are most usually for clinical research associates and clinical research coordinators. The onboarding program is ideal for new CRAs. It is a unique intensive training program that can be customized to meet the company's needs. The boot camp is also an intensive training program ideal for CRCs. These programs allows the new CRAs and CRCs to make immediate impact and saves the organization more time and money.

Clinical research training can be gotten from different training platforms all over the world.

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