How early can I start college?

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      One question we get a lot is "how early can I begin college". This usually comes from eager 12-16 year olds with a niche for education but no knowledge of how to take the system to it's advantage. The truth is that any amazing human being with an IQ ranging from average to "straight-up brilliant" (although we prefer to measure hard work over IQ at any point) can begin college as early as 12. The reality is that kids are fast learners and even faster adapters. 

     So how come 12? Why the magic number. The reality is that by age 12 usually the discipline that the school system or parents alone want to bring finally exists. Most 12 year olds (girls sometimes more so than boys) usually have their own selected hobbies and interests. Some 12 year olds even already know they are going to be doctors; really! Ask your doctor when you see them if they know anyone who knew that early. At the age of 12 a student is also ready to communicate and learn flexibly; and has already dealt with those long days of homework. Obviously no 12 year old can walk into a college classroom and fit in. But our program exists not to help someone fit in; but to get where they need to go at the pace they want.

     A 12 year old would need to either be homeschools (an impossibility for 99% of parents!) or dual enrolled. We personally know that dual enrollment works wonders. You would begin with a online academy that is private like key stone academy and have your 12 year old self (or your child) enroll in courses in the grade above. Usually a year can be finished in as little as 3 months; allowing most of high school classes to be finished rather quickly. This is tough for students who do not have discipline; but the environment can be built rather quickly. 

   This is where we step in. To get done with high school courses; you sometimes can finish just up to 10th Grade and then begin dual enrollment of high school and college courses where a single college course provides credit for both (allowing you to graduate college with a full high school diploma). We provide the daily structure and enhancements needed to both motivate and allow a kid from age 12-16 to enter college early by teaching them how to prepare for college and high school exams in as little as a day (where for most it would take a week). This can only be done via daily coaching (not tutoring) as problems are found and fixed every day. We build the habit; so another young prodigy can finally pave their own route in education. Stay tuned for our next blog on why your child should or should not skip grades.