How to Skip 8th Grade

How to Skip 8th Grade

So you're in 7th or 8th grade and already figured out how to do well; but just don't want to keep waiting around for high school (or spend 5 years there!). You've probably clicked on a ton of links none of which actually tell to exactly how to do it. No worries; Merry Christmas or Happy Summer; below are the exact steps and costs for skipping 8th grade like a breeze. You can literally start this instant and be done with 8th grade by the end of this month (and 9th, 10th, onward if you want to be honest).

Step 1: What grade are you in? How many grades do you want to skip? What's the end goal? Where in classes are you right now? Are you in 7th grade? Half way through 8th? Know this so you can gauge the credit you will receive. If you are in 7th grade; all is clear you'll be done with 8th by following step 2 and 3. If you are in 8th grade; you can continue your semester or leave the school and re-enroll when you are done with 8th grade via step 2 (to begin 9th). Make sure you know your own goals because skipping grades is a slippery slope. Stop when things get too hard. Watch how much time you invest in education. You don't need a tutor; but you might want to seek support from your parents or family that are home after school or via a program like ours that coaches daily for this purpose. And have a social life with groups in years older to you via sports, art, music to help support your development just as a young student. The reality is that middle school makes less than a tiny bump of change to the human and professional you become (really; we've even known kids who've come from little to no support from home to succeed via a grade skip. We even have a non profit that does just this in Boston). Read our other blogs about more grade skipping later on (while still living up that high school and college life :) ). Know the exact classes you need to graduate from your middle school by googling your school district middle school graduation policies online. 

Step 2: The Actual 8th Grade Skip We've made this step so easy that I literally will link this website and write 3 more sentences to make it happen. It's like magic, but we also need you to have a pencil, paper, and discipline to study at least 4 hours a day on weekdays. Here we go (drum sounds please). The best site we know so far (where the credit is accepted everywhere and this kids even get accepted to IVY Leagues more easily) where you can sign up this instant and get credit for the entire 8th grade in less than a month is:

Click on enroll online (there's even an option for cheaper payment plans; but the money saved be a grade skip is seen by the rise in scholarships a grade skipper typically gets compared to their peers). Click these links to buy the courses (only $399 for a year's worth of a class; usually the government pays up to $10,000 for each grade you are in): Skip 8th Grade English,Skip 8th Grade Math (if already done; Algebra 1 is offered also), Skip 8th Grade Science, Skip 8th Grade History/Humanities, Skip 8th Grade Physical Education/PE, Skip 8th Grade Health, Skip 8th Grade Music or Skip 8th Grade Art. In sum, if you mainly just need english, math, history, PE/health, and an elective you can get away with skipping an entire grade for less than $2000 (cheaper than hiring a tutor or program for grade skipping exams and a year more of work productivity/ higher shot at scholarships). Even if you and your family have trouble covering this amount the second option is easy. When you leave 7th grade during the summer, you can simply have the government cover your 8th grade tuition in a public online program (just google K12 online) and finish 8th grade over the summer FOR FREE. That's right skip 8th grade FOR FREE and save a ton of money later on as well. You may have to wait a week and get some signatures to be enrolled but they also offer free tutoring! Usually this is more than enough courses for your 8th grade credits. More are available as well such as Spanish. Read our blog on how to learn languages faster soon. 

Step 3: Re-enroll. Make sure to re-enroll in your school district if all you wanted was to skip a grade. Hey; if you like grade skipping than keep at it (because you can probably finish high school in 3 months or so too). Then enjoy your life; sleep in more; and have more hobbies that define who you truly are (rather than stick to a system that teaches you more nonsense math than it does purposeful tax/finances).  Keep working hard and look out for more blogs to become a renowned grade skipper (one who makes it big in life). We will have your back. 

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