Clinical Research Training

Designed For Nurses, Physicians, and Science Graduates To Earn The Knowledge of A Senior Clinical Research Associate In 30 Days with Clinical Research Training Online.

CCRPS Course has successfully trained over 1,000 students through our instructors. Our lead instructor, Dr.Kamal T Dhaliwal has worked in the industry for over 25 years. In this time, she alone has lead education efforts for Clinical Research Training for many companies. With a background in education, the modules produced by our Senior Clinical Research team educate students up to the Senior Clinical Research Associate level regardless of current background. This has allowed clinical research training students to surpass the need for further training once hired, allowing for quicker promotions and hiring.

Unlike institutes which offer several types of training costing upwards of $7,000 to get up to the Senior Clinical Research Associate education, our single Clinical Research Training course trains all students up to this level. Most importantly, it provides access to students with less than the required 2 years of clinical research monitoring experience to become certified in the industry and secure their first job. In Clinical Research Training, students choose our course due to gaining 1-on-1 access to 110 clinical research training modules, and intensive training that can be completed in 30 days (and sometimes less). This allows students to choose the pace they want to enter the new industry and also complete the course online while working, studying for licensing exams, or waiting for residency/medical school entry.


Clinical Research Training for Science Graduates

Science graduates with a bachelors, masters, or PhD in science fields often look into Clinical Research Training in order to advance their career. Working as a clinical research associate is one step up the ladder compared to an assistant or conducting the trials yourself. Rather than conducting the trials, you are put in charge of several trials in many medical hospitals, schools, and pharmaceutical labs around your region. The companies place priority on their staff for promotion which is why there is a 33% chance of promotion in the first year. Premed students in their gap year prior to medical school choose the Clinical Research Training route to get relations with admissions and faculty of medical schools while earning over $60,000 a year. Students with a masters of PhD are seeking the option to earn over $100,000 a year in a field that fosters a similar amount of discovery and exploration as their programs. Clinical research jobs offer this opportunity as well as the ability to transfer into management positions in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Clinical Research Training for Nursing Graduates

RNs and BSNs looking to enter the management field without excess on-floor or heavy-duty hours look into clinical research training as the next step. While 90% of our students are physicians, more than half of the clinical research associate workforce are former nurses. The position allows nurses to early more while working in a job with less demanding hours. Clinical research associates are commonly nurses because of their prior medical experience and many companies look to hire while keeping this background in mind. Many companies look for nurses also because of their attention to detail which is needed in the high-stakes field of clinical research where observation of trials and data is key. Because we provide up to the Senior level of clinical research training, nurses do not need further certification to be promoted if they are already in the field.

Clinical Research Training for Physicians (MDs, MBBS, IMG, FMGs)

90% of our students are physicians who are trained US medical graduates with or without residency, MBBS graduates, International Medical Graduates, and Foreign Medical Graduates. Many physicians choose to switch to clinical research because physicians are quickly hired and promoted along the pharmaceutical or medical institution they work for. Physicians who are taking the USMLE work as CRAs during their waiting year(s) in order to work in a job that pays enough to save, support their family, or give them enough time to be with their family by working remote. Physicians who were unable to find residency also choose this path because clinicians are treated as doctors in this field when monitoring and can still hold their MD title while working. Further, no physician is considered over-qualified for this position as most will be promoted to Senior CRAs within the first year. This can also be the best option to earn over $100,000 with a career more flexible and less demanding than many physician careers. Many physicians choose to enter the management sector as COOs, CEOs, and company executives after their first few years.