The importance of clinical nursing research to nursing students and why clinical researchers need it

Clinical nursing research is a journal that covers clinical nursing and it is released four times a year. It

addresses clinical issues, which are meaningful to nursing students. It opens a forum to internationally

provide room for:

 Spread widely findings of a particular research to practicing nurses.

 Improve clinical practice by identifying clinical application that conforms to the latest research.

 Encourage clinical practitioners among themselves.

Clinical nursing research is said to be one of the most important resources needed by all the clinicians

and researchers who are concerned with improving their work. Graduates and undergraduates in the

field of clinical nursing research happen to have a source of good ideas that are clinical setting related.

Features involved

Clinical nursing research offers some articles and features which mostly involve nursing practice.

Examples of these features and articles include:

 Feature articles with international references: this will enhance the full potential of clinical

nursing research internationally. It may also encourage researchers from various continents.

Referees examine the findings of the research in their own ways and may identify the health

care issues that may diminish the findings applied.

 Articles researched: This involves discussions of the findings after the research and presentation

of the findings.

 Brief your research: give short research reports for specific aspects of practice.

 Replicated studies: These studies compare the findings with the existing ones, thereby providing

important information to clinicians. This forms the basis for introduction of findings.

Who does the research?

Clinical nursing research is done by a clinical nurse specialist. Their aim is to increase the standard of

patient care. They also focus on finding a new treatment for different diseases. The nurses make sure

that the patients are well protected and well supported during the period of study.

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