Clinical trial research aimed at assessing behavioral, surgical, and medical intervention

Clinical trials research are studies that are carried out on people and they are usually aimed at the

evaluation of behavioral, surgical, and medical intervention. There are different ways that researchers

apply to discover something new such as medical device, diet, or even drugs.

Other trials aim at identifying diseases as early even before any symptoms are evident. Others are used

to find ways in which health problems can be prevented. Clinical trials may also be conducted to find

ways in which life can be better for persons who are living with diseases that are life-threatening or

people with chronic health issues.

What is done before approval?

Before any clinical trial research is approved, laboratory tests have to be conducted by qualified

scientists. Studies are then done on animals. This is done to test the therapy’s potential efficacy and

safety. If favorable results are achieved, then the necessary body can give approval and it may be tested

on human subjects.

The phases

The advancement of clinical trials research covers different phases to do tests on the treatment, get the

best dosage, and then identify side effects. When these three pages are complete and the drug or

device is seen as favorable, then it receives approval for use clinically. Researchers continue monitoring

it even after it is introduced in the market.

During phase 1, tests are done on healthy people, but in a small ground to find the correct dosage, and

side effects.

The second phase involves more people and this time the aim is to find the effectiveness. It offers data

on whether a condition or disease can be combated by the drug.

The third phase is about effectiveness and safety. Different dosages and different populations are

tested. The drug can be combined with others to see how that works. This is the point where the

necessary body gives approval.

In phase four, after approval, the safety, and effectiveness of the device or drug are tested on diverse


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