Clinical Research Certification & Training

Clinical Research Associates are currently the highest paid upper-level medical professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, second only to physicians. Many remote and traveling (expenses-covered) jobs are available for CRA positions for those who have a background or certification training. 

The obvious difficulty in searching for these positions is getting selected and through the interview process without experience. CCRP Course works directly with International Medical Graduates (MBBS, FMG, IMGs), MDs without residency, Bachelors of Science or Healthcare-Related Fields, Bachelors of Nursing, Nurses, and Masters of Science Graduates to achieve the knowledge, certification, and resume experience needed to be selected and hired by pharmaceutical companies. CRAs can expect to make between $75-90k/year within their first year. CRAs who are physicians from foreign countries are considered MDs in this position. CRAs who are nurses which transitioned are treated remarkably well among the hospitals they visit or monitor. As a supervisor of clinical trials, this also paves ways to enter higher-level administrative and leadership roles in medical centers, institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Courses for Quality CRA Training                   Modules per Course      

1. ICH GCP Training                                                      15                                              

2. Quality Monitoring                                                      45                                           

3. Regulatory Training                                                    15                                            

4. Audit and Inspections                                                 6                                           

5. Writing Professional Monitoring Reports                    16    
-Developing Follow Up Reports                                         

6. Subject Recruitment Retention and Compliance        5                   

7. Misconduct and Fraud                                                2                     

8. Competency Testing of CRA’s                                    6               

                                                                                     …………                                                                                        Total         110 Modules 


Training certification will be provided at the end of the course. This can be listed on your resume as an educational experience as well as a volunteer experience for the amount of time it takes you to complete the course.

The tuition fee is $1,795 ($18 per module) is offered over a 4-month payment plan in this link

The online training can be completed within 1-4 months time and can start within 24 hours of tuition payment.

After module completion we begin your recruiter-interaction training by providing the following: 

1.   Interview Prep (3 interview rounds training) 

2.   Resume experience of training 

3.   Recruiter based references 

4.   Multiple employee references

5.  LOR’s  

Having been a Senior CRA for 15 years, my job is to ensure that entering and succeeding this field is easier for our students.