What is Icon clinical research and what do they do?

Icon clinical research is an organization that offers a wide range of commercialization, development, and

consulting services from a network, which operates globally with offices in thirty seven countries. The

organization was founded in Dublin, Ireland back in 1990 and had the mission to assist clients to fast

track drug development as well as devices which are aimed at saving and improving lives. This is

achieved by the deliverance of the highest class of information, performance, and solutions. The most

important thing at Icon is to provide the highest quality standards all the time.


Icon focuses their innovations in different factors, especially the ones which are important to the clients.

Some of these factors include reduction of the time taken to market the products, reduction of the costs

of production, and increasing the quality of the products. The organization has a team of experts

operating at a global level with the kind of experience required to deal with different therapeutic areas.

One of the most important things for the organization is quality. They aim at providing and even

exceeding the quality standards which are expected by their clients. They have employed over 13,000

people all over the world.

The leadership team has got professionals who have the most extensive experience in the industry. They

also run operations and have experience in the localities which are important to different types of

clinical research.

Commercial, consulting, and clinical services

Icon is able to offer a wide range of services which are specialized so as to help medical device,

biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies bring new devices and drugs into the market even faster.

The services usually span the whole product development lifecycle. They can also adapt so as to be able

to suit the local trials which are usually small in size as well as global programs that are large.

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