Clinical research fastrack

Clinical Research Fastrack (CRF) is a standardized entry-level training for CRCs. This is quite important because the role of a clinical research coordinator is of a technical position that requires the working knowledge of ICH GCP and the federal regulations code.

The various levels of competency, professionalism, and knowledge of clinical research coordinators are the reason for the Clinical Research Fastrack.

The clinical research study or otherwise known as a clinical trial is a meticulously designed study in which the trainees undergo investigational medications or investigational procedures under the supervision of a clinical physician and other clinical research professionals.

Clinical Research Fastrack seeks to improve and standardize the entry-level training for clinical research coordinators by implementing an efficient and effective curriculum that has it's main focus on the ICH GCP, federal regulations code, protocol deviation, protocol compliance, clinical trial operations, adverse events, participant training, recruitment, and retention, responsible study team members and Principal Investigator (PI), informed compliance and consent, and research skills that are coupled with a hands-on internship at a clinical trial site. This is to improve the efficiency and quality of the clinical trials to make it more consistent, complete, efficient, and accurate.

Clinical Research Fastrack has transferred and transformed the role of a clinical research coordinator from a job into a profession with the use of standardized training and the utilization of an innovative education approach of mass practice. The clinical research industry has a lot to benefit from these initiatives as they will be more well-trained individuals to fill up the clinical research positions.

The standards and the quality of the conduct and performance of new clinical researchers through the innovative boot camp training that involves internship programs, career assistance, and support, and qualitative education, improve the clinical research profession.

CRF raises the standard of entry-level researchers and supports the growth of clinical trial sites, CROs, and clinical research sponsors. By filling the incompetency vacuum in the clinical research profession and increasing the number of clinical trials registered yearly, the CRF is tackling them and easing the complexity and difficulty of the dynamic and fast-paced clinical research world through qualitative and competent hands-on training as well as work experience.

Clinical Research Fastrack supports ethical high-quality research conduct and competence and also qualified clinical research coordinators and professionals.

A career in clinical research is a sought after profession and one that will see you earning an attractive and respectable salary. Learn more about the clinical research coordinator courses and other clinical research professional courses.

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