How much is a Clinical Research Coordinator’s salary?

Clinical research coordinators have the responsibility to oversee all daily activities of staff that are given

the responsibility to conduct research. They have to do their work alongside principal investigators so as

to make a determination of whether the study being conducted is viable or not. They also have to work

out the budget at hand. They also need to make a review of all research protocols, making sure that all

the test subjects know the protocols. They help in carrying out the research.

The Salary

When a clinical research coordinator is experienced, pay has quite an encouraging trend. If a clinical

research coordinator is a new entrant that has experience of less than five years, they earn a salary of

around 43,000 dollars. This total is an average, according to salaries that were given by different

anonymous users.

Usually, the compensation includes overtime payment, bonus payments, and even tips. In the mid of

their careers, clinical research coordinators have experience of 5 to 10 years and they can expect a

compensation of around 51,000 dollars. This is also an average that is based on different salaries


There is also the category of clinical research coordinators who have over 20 years’ experience in the

field. For these professionals, the compensation is an average of 62,000 dollars and this is based on

salaries submitted.

Clinical research coordinator salary by location

It is important to appreciate that different locations have different salary variations. There are some

areas that pay more than the average, while others may pay less. If this is a career that you are willing to

pursue, it is best that you find out as much as you can about the salary expected within your area. This

information can help you negotiate for the best compensation for services rendered.

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