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CCRP is known for our clinical research online training for Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Principal Investigators (PIs), Clinical Research Monitors, Regulatory Affairs, ICH GCP Protocol, Clinical Quality Management and other crucial clinical research purposes, CCRP Clinical Training’s strategy provides students with self-paced online training experience based on core competency accredited by the ACCRE.

As educators in clinical research training, CCRP Clinical research training programs vary based on student’s location, time, and learning demands. These self-paced online modules, interactive tutoring sessions, or online monitored competency examination, CCRP clinical training provides a clinical research fast track approach to getting hired in clinical research.

CCRP Clinical training is able to provide large-group online training options for clinical research professionals and CROs globally. It is widely known for its comprehensive education and training programs. CCRP clinical training helps clients improve their programs by enhancing staff knowledge via its extensive online course and examinations. We offer a flexible refund policy for students but certification and course cannot be placed for your CV for updates.

Please remember that we are merely educators/certifiers and do no guarantee job placement or H1B visas from the certification program.

Certified Clinical Research Professionals LLC and it’s certification courses are accredited by the Accreditation Council  for Clinical Research Education - ACCRE. 116E 15th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015,

Global Program Code: 463-03-005-GPC08

We offer 2-3x more Clinical Research Training content to provide comprehensive CRA training.


Testimonials from our students below

CCRP provides accredited certification for CRA, CRM, CTA, and ICH GCP training online.

Clinical Research Courses

Below are our clinical research certification programs and our most commonly answered questions

clinical research associate certification

110 module training online - Use to enhance knowledge for promotion to CRA, SrCRA, or other management levels in clinical trials.

clinical research Monitor certification

110 module training online - no clinical research background required, bachelors degree required.

clinical research nurse certification

110 module training online - no clinical research background required, RN or BSN required.

ICH GCP Certification

16 module training online - no clinical research background required. Use for jobs that require ICH GCP knowledge.


40+ module training online - minimum of an associates degree (2 year) is required. Use for jobs that require clinical trials experience and knowledge.

clinical research courses

clinical research associate entry level

Learn about the PayScale and promotion methods for Clinical Research Associates.

Clinical Research Associates Supervise Clinical Trials Around The World With An Average Salary of $90,000.
— USAToday


CCRP Course covers double to triple the amount of course content than other courses. While many courses are simply 5-20 simple interactive modules, our course covers 110 dense modules in thorough detail. After each session, students can ask their questions privately with the course instructor, all of whom have 15+ years of CRA experience. We offer clinical research courses distance learning.

There is a huge shortage of well-trained CRAs, but many companies are reluctant to hire untrained entry-level clinical monitors because of patient and trial safety. Because of this, even the beginner entry-level jobs require certification or training. Most courses provide very light training that may look good because of the company names, but alone is not sufficient to pass the interview rounds a company conducts. Because we prepared our modules to stand by you even as a Senior Clinical Research Associate, we find more of our students with no background quickly passing their interview rounds. Our program is considered one of the top clinical research graduate programs online.

Currently, 82% of our students are hired within the first month of taking the course. Students with limited background or those looking to gain extra experience are offered a remote internship of up to 6 months during the time they are interviewing. This advantage allows many students with limited experience to get hired with a higher paying job than previously offered. For exam, nurses are offered our clinical research nurse training and can additionally take our clinical research management training.

While a majority of our students are physicians, a majority of the CRA workforce are Science Grads and Nurses. We train at a Senior CRA level for all students regardless of background because clinical research monitoring is vastly different from any lab or science course you may have taken. Clinical research associates are given the protocol of a study including all medical protocol that must be followed but because they do not diagnose or treat, the medical knowledge is supplemental but not sufficient in this career path. This is the main reason why our Clinical Research Training includes all possible scenarios you may face at the protocol and guideline level in your future company.


Learn about our recruiters at Aerotek who can advise you after certification. Always use a cover letter specific for the company and job when applying if you are not using a recruiter.

clinical research coordinator certification
No background experience is required to become certified in our courses

Why Become A Clinical Research Associate

CCRP works directly with Rober Wood and Mr.Deish for job placement. You may email your CV or call them directly to begin finding positions after successful completion of the course.

Contact: roberwood@aerotek.com 781-938-3004

Contact: zdiesh@aerotek.com 425-893-6057

clinical research certification

Over 1.9 million students receive a bachelors of science every year. While a few go on to PhD, Masters, and Medical programs; many are ready to start clinical research certification online to start a career in the frontiers of medical research and patient care. As a new student applying to the science job market, you may only find internships or recognize that even entry-level science jobs requires 1-2 years of experience. More so, you may realize many of these jobs require intense labor in the lab or just did not meet your expectations for your science degree. This is why a career as a CRA should be considered with clinical research coordinator training. We train over 100 students each month in clinical research coordinator training and clinical research associate training (depending on prior background).

A Clinical Research Associate or Coordinator directs and supervises clinical trials that are run by physicians, nurses, and other science-degree holders. Unlike the jobs you currently can apply to on the market, a position as a CRA is actually much more difficult to obtain. While many generic courses exist on the market; we have seen that many of these students cannot find a job afterwords because of the lack of content depth. This is why our course offers a Senior Clinical Research Associate level of training with 110 intense modules. This science-based medical position is now a high-demand job which can be done privately for pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, or academically in medical schools. We have the largest number of clinical research courses online.

clinical research Training online

Nonetheless, for those who have always wanted a career in medicine or have a gap year before medical school; Clinical Research Training is the next step to getting a head start in your career. Because the position is unlike actually working in the lab and requires a management role; you get 1-on-1 connections with physicians and medical staff that can lead to a better application for medical school and other medical careers later on.

Best of all; many of these positions accept remote staff (and some allow you to travel 45-75% with full expenses including travel, accommodation, meals, and other per-dime expenses covered). Clinical Research Training can help you save money while also increasing your salary. CRA’s with our level of training can expect to make between $6,500-$12,000 a month with an estimated promotion rate of 33% a year; an amount that is not common in other science-degree careers.

Many CRA students are actually matriculated foreign doctors who opted not to take the USMLE or repeat their residency training. In fact, some of our Clinical Research Training Students come to us immediately after moving to the U.S. and questioning what to do with an MBBS degree in US.

Unlike what you’ve learned during your 3-8 years in university or graduate school; the information needed for Clinical Research Training after your degree. Is rarely a repetition of any course you’ve taken before and thus we have 110 Clinical Research Training modules (more than any other course available) to make you get the position you want as a CRA.

110 Clinical Research Training Modules

The course covers 110 modules a CRA must know like the back of their hand. Based on your goals, we establish an hourly study schedule in your day to finish each module.Most students receive interview requests just 1 month into the course; another reason why the modules are self paced.

30+ Days

Online Clinical Research Training is provided depending on your background and need. During this online experience, you will understand and apply the actual role of a CRA and be fully immersed in a remote position in our mock trials.

Finish in less than 30 days based on your online clinical research certification program

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