Certified Clinical Research Professionals SOCIETY

Clinical Research Training Online


Certified Clinical Research Professionals Society is led by Senior CRA and Physician of 25 years, Dr.Kamal T Dhaliwal. Our team of CRAs, CRCs, physicians, and onboarding staff welcome you to one of the most in-depth courses for clinical research available. We offer clinical research training for physicians, international medical graduates, nurses, and healthcare providers. We offer clinical trials assistant training to high school students and graduates. All programs are self-paced and students can earn their clinical research certification online.

CCRPS is known for our clinical research online training for Clinical Research Associates (CRAs), Principal Investigators (PIs), Clinical Research Monitors, Regulatory Affairs, ICH GCP Protocol, Clinical Quality Management and other crucial clinical research purposes, CCRPS Clinical Training’s strategy provides students with self-paced online training experience based on core competency accredited by the ACCRE.

As educators in clinical research training, CCRPS Clinical research training programs vary based on student’s location, time, and learning demands. These self-paced online modules, interactive tutoring sessions, or online monitored competency examination, CCRPS clinical training provides a clinical research fast track approach to getting hired in clinical research.

CCRPS Clinical training is able to provide large-group online training options for clinical research professionals and CROs globally. It is widely known for its comprehensive education and training programs. CCRPS clinical training helps clients improve their programs by enhancing staff knowledge via its extensive online course and examinations.