Clinical research courses for CTA and CRA

Clinical research courses are necessarily needed to make sure that there are enough competent, responsible, and efficient clinical research professionals in the clinical research field. We'll be paying attention to the clinical research courses for Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs), and Junior and Senior Clinical Research Associates (CRAs).

Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs) are one of the crucial role players in the clinical research process. They adequately maintain the project's records, files, documentation and store them appropriately to standard. They also assist with the review of clinical project records for accuracy and make them complete and ready for audit.

The courses offered are for those who are new to the job and want to cover the basics and principles of clinical research.

The program will highlight ICH GCP as the clinical research basis to introduce the new CTAs to drug development, to be familiar with the ICH GCP (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use - Good Clinical Practices) rules. It covers clinical studies operations, data management, and informatics, investigational product development and regulation, etc.

Junior Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are introduced to Clinical Research, the life cycle of a clinical trial, how to monitor the clinical trial activities at different stages, clinical data monitoring, and management. It helps them get more familiar with the job of a CRA from the start of a clinical trial to its end. The courses offered are the same as the clinical trial assistants.

Senior Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are given opportunities to deal with and face more complex clinical trials and site management issues. The program will highlight the importance of international research as well as the role of the ICH GCP process. It also gives updates on the overview of current legislative requirements including guidance on substantial trial modifications, improving the recruitment process of subjects and site staff as well as how to prioritize and upgrade clinical trial monitoring tasks and activities, accurate monitoring and reporting, dealings with non-compliance, efficient tracking and coaching and mentoring junior CRAs. The courses offered will expand the knowledge and improve the monitoring skills to help take and make the right actions and decisions to resolve site issues.

Each of the courses is designed to produce competent clinical research professionals.

Take courses from CCRPS and learn more on how to become Clinical Trial Assistants, and Junior and Senior Clinical Research Associates.

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