An overview of Covance clinical research and their role in drug discovery


Covance is an institution that carries out different clinical research studies for biotechnology and

pharmaceutical organizations. More and more drugs are being discovered today because there are

many health challenges that are facing the world. With the discovery of new ways to deal with

conditions and diseases, there is a need to have more people take part in the clinical studies to verify

how effective the new drugs are and possible side effects.

Covance conducts clinical trials and they are usually performed by staff that is medically trained. Their

team of professionals includes nurses and doctors who are required to monitor safety all through the

monitoring process. There are many risks involved in this process and that is why Covance only uses

people who are trained and certified.

Are clinical trials necessary?

Each year, Covance is able to carry out more than one hundred trials with help from the general public.

Payments are made to professionals, students, old and young, and men and women to be a part of the

trials. However, it is important for the participants to be warned about the risks involved and the things

to expect. Participants have to give their consent, even before the trials commence.

Clinical trials are a necessity. This is because emerging medical treatments have to be tested before they

can be licensed and then introduced into the market. Clinical trials have to be done in different phases

and it is only such a process that a drug is verified.

The medicines that are available on pharmacy counters are there because of the efforts put by

volunteers so that medical science can be advanced.

Covance is dedicated to delivering solutions and advancing the healthcare sector. This company has

been around for decades and they have the expertise as well as precision in this area of medicine.