Which is the best CRA training program for your career?

Clinical research associate (CRA) is an expert who manages all aspects of clinical trial conduct where they manage clinical trial medical devices, test drugs, biologic or in vitro diagnostic for their effectiveness, risk and benefits to ensure they are safe to allow in the market. They will be involved in many stages and levels of clinical trial and they contingent on the type of position and the CRA employer who works for and CRA training program is important to who is willing to join as CRA in companies for that clinical research associate jobs Chicago. They offer many job placements and training programs in their institute. To know further about this job details you can visit ccrps.org website for your reference. 

CRAs work for a contract organization (CRO) they can be in-house or monitoring CRA usually this kind of CRAs work out of a CROs office. The main goal of the CRO is to provide full range clinical trial services to sponsor the businesses, they perform according to the functions depending on the clients need on the project and multiple sites will be given to them. Even though there is no exact rule for education qualification, general requirement for clinical research uncw role is typical bachelor degree is enough that is bachelor in science (BS) or bachelor of art (BA) degree in life science, medical science, healthcare related field such as nursing and no advance degree is required but it will help them in career development.

Clinical research associates skills to perform

CRAs perform multiple functions which are related to clinical trial with different required skill sets where they can perform well in their CRAs job.

  • Outstanding communication skills both written and oral, which is important as principal investigator and staff who works as CRA in clinical sites, key opinion leaders (KOLs), colleagues and regulatory review board.

  • Capability to motivate the trainers and others with communication skills and also they should monitor the progress of clinical trial conduct ate different sites which is allotted to them.

  • CRAs should be able to identify the incorrect data and mistakes in trial form that should be correct and enter the accurate based data source according to the medical record, also they should document and record the information on site.

  • CRAs should have problem solving skills, sometimes unexpected issues may arise through different phases of clinical trial so they should be flexible and need positive approach towards the issues.

  • More than everything CRAs should know multitasking, organization skill and time management. Multitasking skill is more important to handle different task at same time and time management to schedule their work which will work effectively to avoid overload.

  • There should be ability to travel both internationally and domestically depend upon the type of position where the clinical site is located.

  • There should be knowledge of good clinical practice (GCP) and FDA code for federal regulations and also they should be familiar with documents which are essential.

According to above details there is difference between clinical research vs lab research. In clinical research they experiment directly on humans and in lab research they will be analyzing in lab it may be biology lab or chemistry lab with stainless steel human figure on the table. Therefore, the clinical research is best to get experienced so they can work in all kind of circumstance.